Miss Aliemeke Ngozi is the CEO of Emike Beauty, a make-up company which she started while in school, by overcoming the challenges and competition faced in the make-up industry today, she is one of the fast-rising make-up artists and she has a little advice for the upcoming artists in the industry.

DA: How did you start?
Emike beauty: I always had a burning passion for makeup. When I was little, I remember sitting close to my mum, watching her apply makeup on her face, and thinking to myself ‘only if I could just…’ So, it just came naturally to me and I’m really passionate about it.

DA: what challenges did you face?
Emike beauty: I faced a whole lot of challenges. When I decided I actually wanted to learn makeup professionally, I couldn’t draw brows perfectly; I couldn’t blend my concealer and powder well. As a perfectionist, that really demoralized me. Also raising capital, in this economy, it was very challenging.

DA: How did you overcome them?
Emike beauty: I practiced a lot because consistency is key. Positivity also goes a long way. I kept on telling myself that I could do it, that I am perfect, no matter how bad it gets.

DA: What is your favourite foundation?
Emike beauty: As a makeup artist I have a lot of favourites, because different types work for different people. But I love MaryKay, Fenty beauty, MAC, Revlon and Zaron.

DA: What is your favourite powder?
Emike beauty: It is definitely MAC and Milani

DA: What is your favourite concaeler?
Emike beauty: LA girl Pro concealer all day.

DA: What is your favourite eye shadow palette?
Emike beauty: They are too many, especially the Nigerian products, they are not joking right now, at all. From TARA to Zaron to Hush beauty, etc.

DA: What is your favourite eyeliner?
Emike beauty: Eyeliner is definitely Zaron and Milani.

DA: what is the first step you’ll advice someone that wants to go into makeup artistry to take?
Emike beauty: The first step is to prepare for the worst and strive to be the best because the industry is highly competitive. Trust me, I’m still learning and i still have higher heights to attain.

DA: What/ who inspires you?
Emike beauty: Hope for a better tomorrow, Oprah Winfrey and my Mother.

DA: How can we reach you?
Emike beauty:Call me on 08111194667
Instagram : @ emikebeauty
Facebook @ Aliemeke Emike

Written by: Anne dili

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