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From suspension in school to a seat at the governors table; Ben Nwosu is indeed a great man and a good example for youths across the country.

By going after his passion in agriculture, he has set the pace for youths venturing into agriculture the sky is the starting point.

DA: What inspired you to start up your fishery business?
Ben Nwosu: My passion for agriculture.

DA: When you were suspended from school, what changed within you that caused a revolution in your life?
Ben Nwosu: The ability to be a part in proffering solutions to food insecurity in Africa by being a part of agropreneurship which is the vision of Landmark University.

DA: How did you start your Fishery business?
Ben Nwosu: I started with my personal savings, started from my compound and there after moved to another area (two plots of land)

DA: What challenges did you face?
Ben Nwosu: Mockery; I was mocked by many especially friends who saw agricultural practice as a dirty job and a business for the poor.

DA: How did you overcome them?
Ben Nwosu: I had to overcome that challenge by being focused and totally committed to my vision. (Proverbs 22:29)

DA: How did you raise the capital for the business?
Ben Nwosu: Personal savings. I believe in savings a lot. “I buy my needs not my wants”

DA: What is the most important information that you would love people going into fishery business to know?
Ben Nwosu: Fishery business requires commitment and good management. Once the management is good enough, that marks the beginning of your success story.

DA: With little or no capital, how can I start my own fish business?
Ben Nwosu: Depends on your capacity because fish farming is capital intensive most especially in terms of feeding.

DA: What is the most important money principle you have followed in your business?
Ben Nwosu: Operation spend less and save more.

DA: Are you involved in any other businesses?
Ben Nwosu: I am currently appointed as the Imo state governor’s farm manager representing the ambassador for food security in Africa.

DA: How can we reach you?
Ben Nwosu: IG handle: Ben_ nwosu
Nwosu Ben chuks on facebook

Written by: Dilianne

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