Princess Kemor-Akpozugha Benedicta hails from ogbe-ijoh in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State. She was born into the family of Honourable Amakosu of ogbe ijoh, Warri kingdom.

Not totally inspired or motivated by global warming and its effects, but from her distaste for a dirty environment, she started up her own cleaning company. Starting a cleaning company might not be the cheapest and easiest business to start up, but when passion leads you to the training ground, inexplicable results are undeniable.

DA: What inspired you to start up Kems Cleaners?
Princess Kemor: Cleanliness to me is not just about neatness and orderliness, it is a way of life. I am highly peeved by a filthy environment; this inspired me to rid myself and individuals of dirt in the environment. And knowing cleaning could be detailed, it goes beyond sweeping and dusting a place, attention must be paid to details.

DA: When you decided to start, what were the major challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?
Princess Kemor: My major challenge was fear of failure and the unknown. I knew there was more to cleaning but I was a novice in the profession. Being a result-oriented person, I decided to jump in with my soul and started researching until I came across kleenol Nig Ltd and met Mr. Olumide Ajibodu who trained and taught me everything I needed to know about cleaning, its pecks and all.

DA: How were you able to gather your team members and what things did you put in place to enable you start?
Princess Kemor: I’m still building a team. Its a work in progress, I seek perfection, hence I have to revolve team wise and technologically.

On the other hand, to enable me start, I had to first register my company with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC). The next thing I did was that I focused on corporate branding; I also underwent certain trainings/ certifications. After I was convinced that I had gotten enough knowledge to enable me start up, I then purchased industrial machines needed to start the job.

DA: How have you been able to build your client base, and what is your major marketing strategy?
Princess Kemor: Building a clientele is a daily thing; I dont want to limit Kems cleaners. I decided to use the social media as my major strategy.

DA: What is your advice to entrepreneurs who want to venture into the same line of business?
Princess Kemor: My advice to entrepreneurs venturing into same line of business is to see cleaning as a way of life and a profession that need expertise.

DA: How can we reach you?
Princess Kemor: You can reach us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @kemscleaners, our website
via mobile on 08039125258
Or email

Written by: Dilianne

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    I love this, please what kind of cleaning in particular does she do? Cause I’ve been thinking about going into recycling and that in its own way is cleaning.

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