To achieve your goals and your vision, there are some things you have to do daily. Try to tick it everyday to make sure you’re still on track. Be free to add yours!

Spend the first minutes of your waking hour with God in silent devotion and meditation.

Consistently rise up each morning before dawn regardless of how you feel.

Do not sleep for more than 8 hours every day.

Write down daily goals in order of importance, every previous evening.

Stick to the daily priority list, finishing one before going to the next.

Ensure that every action of today convey details of the longer picture of tomorrow.

Plan your daily goals, taking time to strategise for their completion.

Assign time and duration for goals.

Robust and efficient system for handling unexpected events and interruption.

Make every moment an experience by focusing your minds energy on each task.

Refuse to feel guilty when a task is not accomplished.

Do not overload each day.

Remain enthusiastic inspite of disappointments.

Help other people (with your time and resources)

Do not base your life on assumption.

Do not waste your time arguing with people to change their incorrect opinion.

Expect the best from everyday.

Ensure healthy work and relaxation daily.

Strive to surpass your last performance.

Maintain healthy sense of duty and regard for other peoples time.

Side step unproductive discussions and interruptions.

Keep a journal; lessons and thoughts each day.

Eat nutritionally and exercise everyday.

Don’t take up tasks that you can delegate.
Achieve daily goals on time and within specified durations.


By: Olakunle Soriyan.

Written by: Anne dili

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