Mr. Rare Gentle is a Speaker and Life Coach. He recently released his book The Darkness around a rope which is a 15 chapter book of fictional stories, exploring the voices and triggers of depression, the salient remedies to combat them and a lot of affirmations that can get you through any situation.

He is a content machine, a voracious reader and a Gentle Young Man!

DA: When you finished school and service, what was the next career decision you made and at what point did you decide to be a coach?
Mr. Rare Gentle : After school and service, I worked in my family’s agro business before I set out as a life coach. It was after I started my youth empowerment organization, Rare Breeds Club that I decided to be a coach.

DA: When you discovered your passion, what concise steps did you take?
Mr. Rare Gentle: After I discovered my passion, I began a search for my TRIBE- those who spoke my language, had same belief system and aspirations as I did, and then I sought role models who were already great achievers and allowed myself to be mentored by them.

DA: How were you able to market yourself in a very busy market place and get people to buy into you?
Mr. Rare Gentle: I defined my NICHE which was youth transformation and leadership development. Then I put up content intentionally on my social media platforms that spoke to my audience and I reached out to schools, churches and organizations that had need for what I offered.

DA: In branding yourself as a life coach, what major challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
Mr. Rare Gentle: The major challenges I faced was that of competition, financial and human resources. To overcome the first, I defined my game strategy and looked for things that would make me stand out.

For the second & third, being sacrificial and selfless helped me to attract the kind of income I needed and inspire followership from people in my niche.

DA: When did your career breakthrough come and how were you able to leverage on that for more success?
Mr. Rare Gentle: I sincerely won’t say I’ve had the kind of career breakthrough I desire. I would say that as long as one third of Nigerians still have to google my name to learn of me, I’m not a national brand yet much less a global brand. So I keep working and getting better daily.

DA: What books would you recommend to people who would love to tow the same path with you to read?

Mr. Rare Gentle: My breakthrough books which I’d readily recommend to those towing my path include;

  • Releasing Your Potential by Myles Munroe,
  • 22 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership & Developing the Leaders around You by John C Maxwell,
  • The Big Picture by Dr Ben Carson and of course my new eBook, The Darkness around a Rope.

DA: Who are your mentors and what major thing did they impact in your life that changed its course?
Mr. Rare Gentle: My major mentor was my late Dad- he taught me tough unconditional love, the urgency of time management and the beauty of family. My dad without knowing it pushed me to discover myself early in my teens.

DA: What major steps can youths take to help them find their purpose?
Mr. Rare Gentle: If a youth practices the Right Association, the Right Books, practice Meditation, honor one’s Parents & Elders and Prays intelligently, you can never steer out of purpose.

DA: What major mistakes do youths make today that prevent them from achieving greatness?
Mr. Rare Gentle: Youths including me often desire INSTANT FAME which is the biggest undoing of greatness. And this is simply the product of misplaced priorities which is due to wrong association.

DA: What is your advice to youths generally?
Mr. Rare Gentle: My advice to youths is from the acronym, Y.O.U.T.H.S
Y- Youthful age is transient. Stay young in your mind by learning every day.
O- Opportunities come not once but different times but mostly disguised. Be prepared!
U- Understand life’s principles so they don’t crush you.
T- Take charge of your destiny. You are responsible for your failure or success.
H- Healthy relationships and networks will take you far in a short while
S- Silence your distractions and keep your focus on God.

DA: How can we reach you?
Mr. Rare Gentle: You may reach me;
on Facebook- Rare Gentle;
on Twitter- @GentleGlobal
on Instagram- gentleofficial

Written by: Anne dili

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