Mr. Clement is a comedian with a resilient spirit, he is very hardworking and doesn’t joke with his work.

His words of motivation transcends accross various areas of life. A glimpse of this is #hustle!

Have you ever asked your rich Uncle/ aunt for support and to no avail? Bro don’t say they are wicked even if they are!!
please #HUSTLE

Your rich friends suddenly turn you down?
Bro don’t say they forgotten you even if they did.
Please #Hustle

A Lady left you because you are broke?
Bro Don’t say she is this and that.. Please #HUSTLE

My Brother please let’s all #HUSTLE #HUSTLE #HUSTLE

So that soon Our children won’t feel the same way and may not be able to tell Us that they wished they had another father who has hustled real good for them and made life much more easier and great for them.. Let their doings not make you feel worse.
Rather do tighten your seat belt and Lets ✈
If you are tired of trying again bro please let’s give it another 100 times. And lastly don’t forget that Luke 1:37 says
“with God nothing shall be impossible”
Don’t ever forget you have a God whose Ernest desire is that you prosper. #FollowGOD

You can still build that mansion, own those cars, employ over a 100, own several companies, travel to wherever you wish.. As long as whatever life you are dreaming and wishing for someone is currently living that life.. Yours also can be a reality
Cc: @iamdasaint

Written by: Anne dili

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