Miss Folashade Omobolanle Adeyemi is the co-founder of blue culture incorporated, a high end fashion brand. With the drive to create something beautiful and trendy, she and her partner created Blue Culture Incorporated and are using their gifts to change the fashion industry.

She shares the journey with us, urging Entrepreneurs to save and invest rather than borrow and spend, especially when Starting your own fashion line.

DA: What inspired you to start up Blue Culture incorporated?
Folashade: Generally, when people arent pleased with something or a situation they say “someone needs to do something about this”. Well my best friend and I were tired of waiting for some type of change to happen around us.

We wanted to do something that positively affects everyone around us but also trendy and appealing. So we had a name “Blue culture” we had the drive to create something beautiful that would last for generations, but we didn’t know what we wanted to do.

Young people love to look good and appearances are really important. I mean, a person is seen before they are heard and how a person looks influences peoples reception of that person so that was the area we decided we could make a difference – In the fashion industry.

We decided to make comfortable apparel that not only looks good and feels good but gives people a positive impression of a person before they even get to know the person. We are in a generation where you have to be a “bad guy or hard guy” to be loved so you see people’s clothes promoting drugs, sex, profanities etc.

Blue Culture is a tool that drives the complete opposite of what sadly has become the norm. We want to show that you can promote values and positivity and encourage moral behavior with what you wear and still look just as trendy and twice as nice.

So you can say, Blue Culture was born from the desire to dare to be different and embrace your difference in a world that is slowly forgetting that morals are good and it doesn’t make you any less cool than the next person for having morals.

DA: When you decided to startup, how were you able to select the right partner and team members?
Folashade: I have a lot of talented friends you see but I had to make sure i found people with the same dreams as I did. People who wanted to make a positive difference.

I knew that the best thing I could do for my business was work with people that are just as passionate about this dream as I am and who believe in achieving something that goes beyond us. It doesn’t mean we agree on the same things no there’s beauty in uniqueness but in the end, we all just want the same thing.

I found that in my best friend Ifeoluwa Alade and one of my best pals, Ade Richards.

DA: How much did you start up with and how were you able to raise funds?
Folashade: This was one of the most difficult things for us, at the time we started; we were still in school so we could only rely on our allowances. We drafted proposals and sponsorship letters but no one really took us seriously and we needed a lot of money to start so we started forfeiting our allowances but that could only get us so far. We decided to get a loan. We got a loan of fifty thousand naira and we made our first samples of T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies.

We ran at a huge loss and before we knew it our debts doubled and we were held back for quite a while because any money we had, we couldn’t use it to make more clothes; we had to settle our debts first. So it took us a while to do that and get back on our feet and now we are doing just fine. I honestly would not advice anyone starting a business to get a loan; it’s not good for business. The best thing to do is to save and wait. It takes a lot of patience but it would pay off eventually.

DA: How were you able to market your first products and what is your competitive advantage?
Folashade: We created a very strong presence on social media. Social media when used rightly can be a very powerful tool. Our competitive advantage was the fact that Blue Culture is gospel inclined.

You don’t see a lot of trendy stuff that are gospel inclined these days so that really drew people to us.

DA: What is your advice to those who want to start up their own fashion line?
Folashade: The best advice I can truly give to anyone is to be patient and trust the process. It’s never easy and the beginnings is always the most challenging, but believe in your dreams enough to keep fighting for it against all odds.

People will put you down and tell you are being unrealistic but that shouldn’t hold you back. Your dreams are yours and the reality would surprise you too if you don’t give up. Just keep the bigger picture in front of you and trust God.

DA: How can we reach you?
Folashade: You can send a mail to contact or follow us on instagram @BlueCultureinc or call these numbers; 08113038803 and 09090312836. Thank you.

Written by: Dilianne

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