Sometimes I feel incomplete, but by tuning out the voice of social media and listening to my own voice, i can find myself.

Sometimes I get jealous, but by realizing that i was created for a unique purpose, i shift my focus from “yours” to “mine”.

Sometimes i cry, and i realize that it is in my tears that i am made whole.

Sometimes I’m Lonely, but I have experienced so much drama in my life not to appreciate a time for myself, therefore i change the language in my head from “lonely” to “alone” and tell myself it’s time to meditate.

Sometimes I make small mistakes and i learn from them.

Sometimes I make big mistakes, I cry, I meditate, I learn, I bounce back and I teach others Not to make the same mistakes, because my ugly past is a story i must tell to prevent others from repeating my mistakes, and in that, I find fulfilment.

Sometimes I get lazy and I procrastinate, i then associate pain to procrastination and pleasure to doing the right thing at the right time, I take the blame for the consequences, I learn from it and i move on.

Sometimes I get angry, then i realize that anger hurts me, not them. I find a place in my heart to forgive, I try to move on with them. If the relationship is healthy, I’m glad i found a friend for life! If the relationship is toxic, i keep them at arms length.

Sometimes I laugh, I play, I shout, I run around! I keep these memories ahead of others, because if you think life is short, wait till you’re fifty! And if you think life is too long to have fun now, wait till you’re fifty!

Ultimately, I’m just a girl like you!

Written by: Anne dili

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