Mr Tombra Moses Boroh is the CEO of Boroh oil and gas; he also owns a very big fish farm and poultry.

He is a business magnate and is a clear representation of the future hope of this country. He opens up about how he started his business from the scratch and encourages other youths to toll the line of entrepreneurship.

DA: After school, what were the steps you took?
Mr. Tombra: After my university, I got a job, but while I was in school I always had the dream of starting up my own company, because a man without a vision is useless.

DA: What inspired you to go into oil and gas?
Mr. Tombra: One day, I went to refill my gas cylinder and I asked the man, ‘how do you do this stuff?’ He then explained it to me; in two weeks I had already learnt how to refill gas. You should note that there is a difference between a businessman and an entrepreneur, most people believe that business is all about opening a shop, but it is more than that, you have to think, plan, work hard and have faith.

DA: What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
Mr. Tombra: The major challenge I faced was raising funds to start, but with the knowledge of the fact that business is like a baby, it has to crawl, walk before it runs, so i started small, I rented a small space and I had two cylinders, we went some days without selling anything and I did almost all the work. I also employed a staff because I know that an entrepreneur is not a shop owner, so I had time to strategise and plan.

DA: What is your advice to someone venturing into oil and gas?
Mr. Tombra: Start small, know that you would fail, business is all about failure, i was duped by my own staff, but I had to gather myself together and go on because consistency is what makes a business grow.

DA: How much did you start up with?
Mr. Tombra: I started with three hundred thousand naira that I borrowed.
DA: Any special events that have shaped your life?
Mr. Tombra: My parents, I came from a very wealthy home, but my father taught me how to be an entrepreneur at a very young age, while in school my father made sure I worked for every dime I made, I thought he was punishing me then, but he made me to understand that life is not a bed of roses and you must play your role in life, so that shaped me to be where I am now.

DA: What is your vision and what do you do daily to achieve it?
Mr. Tombra: My vision has always been to own groups of companies, so to achieve that daily, I pray and I plan, I also find out more innovative ways to carry out my business, but you should know that unconsciously, business shapes you, so you have to keep planning and going with the flow.

DA: What is your advice to youths generally?
Mr. Tombra: You have to think and be creative, you have to get your vision clear and not be distracted by the noise in the society. Stop giving excuses for your failure and stop dwelling on your past. Stop being scared and go after what you want. Start thinking about generational wealth transfer. You cannot run a company without employees, so you have to keep building people. Also, to get investors to buy into your business, investors only invest in what they can see, therefore start up something today.

Written by: Dilianne

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