For Mr. Nwosu Clinton, great food is his definition of success.

He started his food retail business while in school, through diligence and hard work, he proves to us once again, that greatness can be achieved when passion meets zeal and resilience.

DA: What inspired you to venture into food retail?
Finklon: I was in the lecture hall when my Lecturer made an instance using Food delivery, I have been asking myself , how do I solve people’s problems, immediately I heard that example that meant the end of lectures for me, I left the class and immediately went to think through the idea.

DA: How did you start up your business?
Finklon: Being a student it wasn’t easy to start, as I had to multi-task, cooking first thing in the morning, lectures and going back to market. Considering the amount involved in renting a shop, I converted my room to a kitchen, where I cook and take orders.

DA: How were you able to raise funds?
Finklon: I made sacrifices, I only got a few thousand from friends and family about 7,000, I started with an initial capital of 177,000.

DA: What challenges did you face?
Finklon: My major challenge was with getting a team, as most people were after what they would get back immediately by being a part of the business. I also had a challenge on setting up an online platform for ordering.

DA: How did you overcome them?
Finklon: I got a team of persons that understood my company’s vision and mission, and were also passionate about the job. And for the online platform, I outsourced rightly.

DA: What have you improved on since you started?
Finklon: The packaging as well as delivery speed as customers no matter how hungry they are, cares about how others rate them.
I improved the delivery speed as meals ordered are delivered in less than 50mins.
I also upgraded the Web ordering platform
I also launched an android application.

DA: What are the first five crucial steps you would advice someone going into the business to take?
Finklon: 1. Write the Vision and Mission statement of the company, digest and understand it as this would flow from the Founder to the team.
2. Count the cost.
3. Get a team. This was one secret to my success as I was in the middle of my final year Project in school when I started out and the team were able to share some burdens with me “You will know you have a team when they tell you we are a team.”
4. Create a system that works, as systems makes everything easier and faster and with system much workload could be delegated.
5. Work endlessly towards satisfying their customers. As a referral is all your business needs to thrive.
In doing this Quality, Quantity and Price needs to always be in check.

DA: How do you improve on yourself daily?
Finklon: I study relevant books on management “as a happy staff always produces great results” and also every material that comes my way about Food, restaurant management, online food delivery, Food competitions. I never stop asking questions. I learn on the job as I don’t rest on my oars. I also work consciously on improving my culinary skills.

DA: What is your advice to anyone planning on venturing into the business?
Finklon: The business is a profitable venture, but you must thrive to add value first, as customers needs to see the reason why they must order their meals on your platform.

DA: What has been your greatest achievement so far?
Finklon: We’ve been achieving great results as the days turns to months and months to years, so far so good We are happy to be a household name in the environment we are situated.

DA: How can we reach you?
Facebook @ Nwosu Clinton Chibuzor

Written by: Dilianne

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