Tall, slim, brilliant and handsome Oliomogbe Timothy lets us in to his fashion secret.

He has never been caught letting his fashion guards down, its a secret, don’t tell anyone!

DA: What is your fashion inspiration?
Tim: Colors have always been the charm. I have always loved to play with colors. When I set my eyes on a particular color it inspires my dress style and most importantly “Jidenna – the African American” he is a big inspiration to me. I actually got a pocket watch just to learn from him. So for me, it’s beautiful colors and Jidenna!

DA: Who is your best designer for clothes, shoes and wristwatches?
Tim: For shoes, my best designer is Mr Zenith’. They make amazing shoes; most especially their brogues are very durable. For watches, Ill go for a Versace piece any day anytime, very unique and long lasting! Finally for clothes -Ralph Lauren, I never get tired of wearing their clothes!

DA: What is your best color?
Tim: My best color as odd as it sounds is pink. There is a lot you can do with pink but when I can’t lay my hands on pink, I go with blue, it always blends with my skin.

DA: Do you intend to open your own fashion line?
Tim: Yes I intend doing that. Im still working the plans out. Its going to be a big project so I am taking my time to improve myself.

DA: What are the must-have wardrobe collections for men?
Tim: First on my list would be face caps, they are always trending and they are very important. Second would be a pair of sneaker and a well cut tailored black suit! Next would be nicely colored tie. Always have a denim jeans nearby, very necessary and finally Italian brogues, believe me they come in handy always.

DA: What dress would you prefer a woman wears?
Tim: For women there is a lot I can think of, I mean body shape shouldn’t be a barrier to any outfit a lady wants to try on but I prefer women on a body con gown (LBD) and sandal-heels.

DA: If I’m to buy one fashion piece tomorrow, what should it be?
Tim: A denim jacket (must not be blue). I think people are scared to try out other colors but believe me, tomorrow, today, or whenever I would recommend denim!

DA: Can you drop a little advice (generally) for men?
Tim: Always remember that a well dressed man is more attractive than a shirt less guy with six packs and remember clothes have to blend. If you are putting on navy blue trousers or shirt Ill recommend a brown shoe, they always do the trick, they have a way of bringing out the beauty of the clothes. Every time!

DA: Which of your friends do you admire their dress sense and feel challenged by it?
Tim: I admire two people. One is Jennifer Christian. She’s young and talented but whenever I get confused on what to combine, she’s always there to save me and say; ‘Tim try a blue tie, its fits perfectly! her style as a female challenges me every day to improve my game and learn more about female outfits. The second person is Frank. I admire him a lot and I still learnt a few tricks from him too.

DA: How can we reach you for more fashion inspiration?
Tim: For more fashion inspiration you can follow me on my personal IG account – @Timnobe
Fashion account; coming soon!

Written by: Anne dili

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