Mr. Debola williams Is a 32 years old business mogul. He is the co founder of RED media, a giant media company he started with Mr. Chude Jideonwo.

The company is behind well-known brands like YNaija, Rubbin’ Minds and The Future Awards.

He tells his advice for young people looking to grow a successful business.

DW: I find that many young people are fixated on looking like they’re winning. They want to look the part without doing their part. But there should be some kind of work before you get there.

The progression is from hard work to talent before achievement. You don’t jump from talent to achievement; you have to put in the work.

The Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of this world went through this same process. You don’t earn it if you don’t learn it. So I encourage young people to be patient and allow themselves to grow so they don’t end up as a half-baked whatever it is that they are.

Also, anybody doing business must have counsel. There’s nothing as valuable as the right advice. You must look for people who you want to be like and surround yourself with these people. Don’t fool yourself; the people you surround yourself with, you are like them. Because they are the ones your subconscious picks up and imitate.

I also recommend reading. I’m not such a voracious reader as I used to be but I still try to keep up. I am better with conversations so I also go around having great conversations and learning from them because I talk through problems. Chude on the other hand thinks through problems.

Finally, you need to know yourself. It’s very important. Know your weaknesses and strengths. You have to be in a place that you love so that even when things are hard, even when it is draining and sucking you up because it is what your personality can handle generally, you stay put.

You have to stay in your place of growth. Some seeds can grow in tropical weather and some can’t. Doing this also informs you if you need a partner or not. But in my opinion, two heads are always better than one.


Written by: Anne dili

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