Mr. Roberts Yakubu is a digital entrepreneur and business strategist with about a decade experience in brand communication.

He is the visionary leader behind the Instabiz academy and The Business Mastery Program, which is focused on empowering entrepreneurs, marketers and business professionals across various countries.

He shares with us how the frustration of trying to look for a well paying job led him to discover himself.

DA: At what point in your life did you decide to become a social media expert?

Roberts Yakubu: This would interest you. I never really had a plan of becoming a social media expert. I literally stumbled on it because of my skill set. I started out as a career consultant. I was training people on how to prepare for job interviews and how to write their CV.

 Personally I had pursued a couple of jobs and gotten it. I’ll get a job and then lose interest. There was a time I had pursued a job for about two months and boom I lost interest. I was supposed to report for training and I didn’t have interest to go and believe me when I say it was the perfect job for me at the time. It was a bank job and I was going to be monitoring ATMs for the whole of Northern central Nigeria.

My turning point came in 2015 when I secured a job with Federal Airport of Nigeria. Now unfortunately we were 725 recruited across Nigeria. Having been recruited to different cedars I fell into data management cedar. A lot of politics got in and my batch was never called. Wrote letters to different levels but it never materialized.

I was fed up. Let me pause and say at your most trying times you need the right circle. Their words can guide you to the right decisions. I had a friend who thought I was pretty good at social media thing named DAVE OBADA. He pointed me to the point that this thing I was doing people where making money from it.

Dave Obada

He showed me a few brands I could study and that’s how the journey began. That’s how the Roberts Yakubu brand was born. I put my foot down to never pursue what I never had and to go for what I deserved.

My turning point was in 2017 when I took that decision to purse profits around my skill set. I never was an expert at the time everything was my desire to be successful.

DA: What major step did you take to enable achieve this massive result, what major skill did you acquire that made you grow astronomically?

Roberts Yakubu: The truth is I did not grow astronomically. I grew one step at a time. Growth is progressive. Nobody just wakes up and is where they are. Personally what is responsible for the perceived success is largely DISCIPLINE. I knew at a time that one of the things I was struggling with was procrastination. If you are going to change your life, you have to be honest with yourself. Procrastination was keeping me from achieving what I was supposed to.

I had to submit myself for accountability. I got an accountability partner. One of the reasons anyone will struggle with motivation is simply because you are doing something you don’t enjoy doing. I dealt with procrastination by understanding the need to transfer my task into habit.

So I realized I never needed motivation to brush my teeth and take my bath on a certain day so I realized if I could transform my tasks the result would just come. So getting an accountability partner same DAVE OBADA in which I made a monetary commitment of significant figure that if I did not achieve my goal the amount was gone.

In 2018 I took a lot of courses; I took a course on accountability and coaching. I took a course on sales. I proved my knowledge of digital marketing. I took a course on Facebook advertising and marketing. I think the steps I took was dealing with what was holding me back and I applied the knowledge I acquired which was necessary for the next level.

DA: What was the turning point in your career and what prior steps did you take to prepare for that event?

Roberts Yakubu: I can’t say this particular event was my turning point. It was one step at a time. My turning point was when I set a very huge target for sales and revenue for my brand which I exceeded and I was amazed that it was possible to achieve.

I always reverse engineer my processes or reverse engineer the process of anyone who I thought was successful. I would watch their steps and reverse engineer their steps and see how I can apply it with some level of discipline. For me that was the turning point.

 I realized that anything is possible as long as I devote time and effort to it. Results are tied to two things;

  1. The knowledge required.
  2. The discipline and effort.

DA: What are the major challenges you have faced?

Roberts Yakubu: For me one of the major challenges I faced was managing expectations. At a time I was very concerned about the fact that I had left school and years going by and there was nothing really significant to show for it and because of my relationships and my commitment to what I do sometimes I had to go back to the same campus from which I graduated from to speak.

Going back there and having to prove a point and people looking up to you asking questions about workplace saying stuff like I should have gotten a car and all and at a point I was really concerned what people thought.

 I really did not understand managing expectations and I missed out on what happiness and contentment truly meant. What helped me in this regard was a mindset shift. Immediately my mindset shifted and changed everything changed. So it was now about me managing my own expectations because I really set high expectation for myself.

Some other challenges I faced was knowing the next step to take at specific intervals. I never really had a mentor at that time. It wasn’t because mentors weren’t available but I never saw a need to submit myself at that time. So I made a couple of mistakes, financial mistake etc.

I wasn’t spending right, wasn’t investing rightly, was misusing my time. I was distracted combining a lot of things at a time. A major challenge for me was FOCUS. I got mentored so that was resolved. Basically those are the challenges I have faced.

DA: How can small businesses use social media in the right way and attract customers?

Roberts Yakubu: First things first, get knowledge. There’s a HOW to everything you need to know the HOW. There’s this deception about starting a business by opening Facebook page and Instagram page and then it hits you that it is not that easy.

Go and read the manuals for everything you want to do in this life. Don’t just jump unto it. Get knowledge. It will save you a lot of time.

Firstly how do you sell?

You sell by knowing who you want to sell to. I think its best you understand who you want to sell to. Understand who can afford the kind of value of your worth.

Next you find out what kind of problems do this people have.

Then how can you reach out to them using the right channels. It might not be Instagram. It can be Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn. This is why you need to define who you want to do business with, whose problem you want to solve. Between starting your business and making sales there’s a lot in between. This is where knowledge will help. You need to know who you want to sell to; you need to understand sale closing, customer attraction etc

Marketing and sales closing are first key set to be learnt. Customer attraction is the next thing I’ll recommend. It can be broken down into graphics designing, contents, copy righting etc. These are skill set every entrepreneur using social media needs to know.

Three basic activities every page needs to do;


DA: How can a small business attract customers?

Roberts Yakubu: I think have talked about that. You attract customers by showmanship. It is how magicians get their audience. Showmanship means show us what we stand to gain by doing business with you or what we stand to lose by not doing business with you.

DA How can small businesses use paid advert to get the necessary growth they need?

Roberts Yakubu: It depends on what you do. For some businesses influential shout out works. For other businesses Ad would work better. For some businesses you don’t need any of these two listed earlier you just need to do contents in hash tags. To use paid advert you need to learn a skill for example Facebook advertising. It will cost you but you need to learn it.

DA: What major tools (applications) do you use to structure your Instagram page to get maximum outcome?

Roberts Yakubu: I use CANVA to design my post. I use PLANOLY to schedule my post. I use PREVIEW to monitor my insights. I use INSHOT to edit my videos. These apps are my top apps. Of course there are advanced apps called trade secrets.

DA: How can someone move from a name to a brand?

Roberts Yakubu: Consistency. You have to serve a lot of people. Of course you have to start by doing it for free, then you apply your product tacking mode. You need to find something that people would find absolutely valuable.

Find a group of people who share common interest, find out what their interest is and if it matches your skill, deliver to them consistently, and people will start talking about you. You need to understand the art of consulting, how you brand yourself, how you position yourself in the industry.

 This has more to do with differentiation. What is that one unique thing that my audience need but nobody else is delivering?

DA: How can we reach you?

Roberts Yakubu: Instagram@ roberstyakubu

Those that want to consult me, send me a direct message on Instagram.

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Written by: Anne dili

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