Ms. Remi Fafore is a young entrepreneur that has a great hunger for knowledge and to improve her life. After finishing from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, where she studies Applied Mathematics, she obtained a BA in Chinese Studies.  

She has worked with Huawei Technologies among a host of other companies, when she finally decided that being independent is more fulfilling. She decided to quit her job and start her own interior design company. She shares her experience so far with us.

DA: What inspired you to start up Greenwood Spaces?

Remi Fafore: After resigning my dream job, I felt I needed to learn a skill, I spoke with a close friend and she advised I learn interior designing and decorations. I did my research and was convinced that I am ready to make a difference as an interior designer

DA: When you decided to start up, what steps did you take?

Remi Fafore: I started my remilekinterior in August 2018, but before then I enrolled in an interior design school (Maven School of interior designing and decorations). I also did a lot of research during my free time, YouTube, Pinterest were also helpful.

DA: What major challenges did you face and how were you able to overcome them?

Remi Fafore: Well, I have learnt to take challenges as part of the job, if your job does not challenge you then you need to try something new. There has been lots of challenges, every project comes with its challenge and there is always something to learn at the end of the day but one thing that has helped so far was/is getting the right people to work with(craftsmen, managers etc.).

I can categorically say that getting the best team to work with was the easiest way to handle every challenge we faced. However, getting the right people doesn’t happen over-night, it takes time and stage and like I said the more challenges you face the more you know what method to apply. We keep getting better every day; we do not give up.

DA: Is interior decoration a capital intensive business and what is the best and easiest way to start?

Remi Fafore: Well yes and no. Everyone has a niche in Interior designing and it all depends on the part of interior designing you choose. Interior designing is divided into Interior designing and consultation, Soft furnishing, Furniture making, AUTOCAD and 3D designing etc. I always advise start-ups to make as much money as they can before getting a space.

For instance, I went strictly into interior designing and decoration, the profit I realized was invested in buying and selling interior accessories and I also had to convert a room in my house into a show room. So presently we run an online store where we sell lightings, kitchen utensils and beddings etc.

However, the future is to make enough profit, get a commercial space where our products can be displayed and customers can always come in to shop anytime they want. It all balls down to planning. Planning is very important and also ensure you plan wisely.

DA: How much did you start up with and how were you able to raise funds?

Remi Fafore: I did not start with a certain amount because of the niche I choose, I started as an interior designer and a consultant, the money I made from my projects were invested in buying and selling interior accessories.

Well you will have to spend money getting your company registered, creating a company profile, company logo and a website. For anyone going into the buying and selling you can start with as low as 15,000 from remilek beddings and make a weekly profit of 15,000.

DA: What trainings or seminars would you recommend anyone who wants to venture into this business to take?

Remi Fafore: There are a lot of training to take as an interior designer, but firstly it is necessary to get certified from a reputable interior design school. Presently we take students to learn from remilekinteriors.

We take both practical and theory classes. We currently train students how to sew beddings, curtains and make window blinds etc. Personally, I attended a few seminars that will help make my brand grow as much as I want e.g TEForum2019, DBN Annual Lecture Series, SME forums, MavenInterior Master Class training etc.

DA: How do you get your unique wall papers and other accessories that you use?

Remi Fafore: I have a few suppliers in Lagos and Abuja for my wall papers. I source for accessories on Konga, Jumia,, pending on the duration of the project. Sometimes I buy from accessories stores in Abuja or Lagos.

DA: What advice would you give young entrepreneurs that want to start up their own interior decoration business to take?

Remi Fafore: Never give up, Keep working hard, Stay focused, Plan wisely, Save reasonably.

DA: When do you plan to host your next training and how can we reach you?

Remi Fafore: We hold our training every first Monday of every new month. We train students on interiordesigning and decorations and soft furnishing (beddings and curtains).

We can reached on: Instagram: greenwood_spaces, web address: or contact us on 08182574055.

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Written by: Anne dili

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