Mr. Ajanaku Kehinda Adesina is a musician, song writer, art lover and diplomat. After discovering his talent in music, he relentlessly worked towards achieving mastery. He shares his journey with us.

DA: What inspired you to venture into music?
Kenny: I came across a few people doing good music and I really loved it. I started composing, and I realized that I could even do better and make a difference. That was my inspiration, and I pursued it earnestly.

DA: At what age did you discover your talent?
Kenny: I fully came to the realization that my I was gifted and talented when I was 17 years old

DA: When you discovered your talent what steps did you take?
Kenny: At first I was discouraged by the environment I was, you know your environment has a lot of mental role to play in determining how far you would go in a certain area. I took a huge step and moved to Lagos, where I met a lot of people with ideologies and philosophies that were not only positive, but also shaped my thinking and gave me all the encouragement I needed.

DA: How do you work to improve yourself daily?
Kenny: Practice! Lots of practice! I sing to myself daily, and I am my best critic, so by rehearsing daily, I get to know what style suits me best and improve on that. I can say that I have released a million albums in my head.

DA: How did you raise funds for your first single/album?
Kenny: I would always say its best to realize your gifts and talents early, so that you would know how to channel your funds. When I knew I was ready to release my first album, I was serving so I saved up my NYSC allowance

DA: What steps would you advice a talented person venturing into the music industry to take?
Kenny: Know your style and if you dont have one, create one for yourself, focus, and dont listen to negative people. Most importantly think (sing to yourself and if u dont like it, and if it doesnt make any sense you should know)

DA: What challenges have you faced so far?
Kenny: Majorly financial challenges.

DA: How did you overcome them?
Kenny: I believe in myself so I don’t mind spending any money I am able to raise. I put my resources into bettering myself and publicizing my music.

DA: How can we reach you?
Kenny: Through social media. Instagram @ajkkenny

Written by: Anne dili

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