Mr. Dave Obada expatiates on the challenges and the opportunities present in investing in cryptocurrencies.

DA: What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
Minister Dave: The challenge I faced at first was getting people to understand that Crypto currency was not MMM, a lot of people have burnt their fingers, so they were quite skeptical.  I always tell people; never be scared to invest, be informed and with that understanding people begin to research and listen more. We kicked off learning platforms on social media made live classes to equip people with the right information.

DA: How can I know when I’m making profit, after investing in crypto currency?
Minister Dave: As is the case with any investment, You buy low with the intentions of selling high, once u buy a particular coin in the market and prices rise to 1%, you are making profit. You determine how much percentage gain you are comfortable with and place a withdrawal. The market is quite volatile so it is important you invest wisely and that’s where we come in, after setting your accounts up and getting you your first coin there are a few things to look out for to ensure you profit, it is quite easy actually.

DA: What risks should an investor avoid taking?
Minister Dave: My major investment advice is ” do not invest in what you don’t understand, chances are that you will loose your money”.

DA: What is the best advice you’ll give someone investing in crypto currency for the first time?
Minister Dave: With crypto currency it’s important as a newbie or noob you get your research right, anytime there are legitimate opportunities, scams also present themselves, so once you set up your account as a noob, get your private keys and save them on paper preferably. Anyone who has your keys has your money,  read and take courses before commiting serious funds.

DA: Do you organize trainings and lectures? If yes, in what states?
Minister Dave: Yes we have audio, video and eBook courses as well as live classes, we offer a complete training for beginners online and offline. largely only with the aid of zoom, Whatsapp and YouTube.
States we’ve covered so far are Abuja, Minna, Kaduna and Accra. Largely we have a mastermind group we train from online where members are guaranteed at least 100% profit.

DA: Who are your mentors?
Minister Dave: My mentors in the Crypto currency are ianbalina and Doug polker, I learn a lot from these guys. In other areas; Pastor Paul Adefarasin,

Pastor Peterock Sadiq

Pastor Biodun and Tudor Bismarck. I learn from quite a number of people in different fields.

DA: What are the five best financial books you’ve read so far?
Minister Dave: Finance books:
Money won’t make you rich

Rich dad poor dad

Smart money woman

Richest man in Babylon

Rules of wealth

Bussiness lessons from the bible

DA: How can we reach you?
Minister Dave:
Our website is on its way
Email: Davebizicon@yahoo
Also on social media davespeakslife on Instagram
07063666351 whatsap
Looking forward to you investing.

Written by: Dilianne

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