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Mr. Bolu Omotayo is a public speaker, young serial entrepreneur, and the CEO of TAB digitals, a company he started at the age of 20 to help fix and replace malfunctioning gadgets.

While most people complained about how their phones were being mistreated in gadget shops across the country, he stayed up nights, looking for a solution to that problem.

TAB Digitals has attracted funding from some organizations including The Tony Elumelu Fund for entrepreneurs.

This great Young entrepreneur shares with us his journey so far, and make sure you read till the end; he has a very profound advice for the youths.

DA: Can you please tell us a concise “reflecting” story on the journey you have traveled to get here?
Bolu Omotayo: While growing up, my dad lost a top level job at Dunlop Nigeria PLC during the recession. This made me realize that entrepreneurship was the way for me.

While I was on campus, among other things, I provided door to door solutions to gadget problems for students (a market of over 80 million people). In 6 months, my solution was widely adopted locally and students from neighboring campuses/town began to request for my services.

To reach more people across different locations, together with a team I had put together, I founded TAB Digitals Technology (www.tabdigitals.com), a platform that provides trusted and convenient solutions to gadget electronics problems. The team is larger now.

When Customers gadgets gets damaged, TAB Digitals fixes it or replaces it and if they cannot afford it, we fund the service/purchase via gap financing.
We currently services over 5 campuses spread across 2 major cities.

Because the market is filled with fake accessories, we started importing and branding our own accessories after going through an intense quality assurance process. We intend to go into manufacturing innovative gadgets in the future.

In 2017 at the age of 20, I was recognized by the Tony Elumelu Foundation as an entrepreneur whose business is capable of changing Africa.

Also, in 2018 at the age of 21, I was supported by the Anzisha Prize in partnership with the MasterCard foundation into a fellowship aimed at moving TAB Digitals forward.

DA: How have you been able to pave paths for tab digitals in the tech world?
Bolu Omotayo: At TAB, we make existing solutions better. Before we came into the industry, existing solutions to gadget electronics technical problems were not easily assessable, inconvenient, handled by non – professionals and customers had a lot of trust issues using them.

Our online platform aggregates the best solutions experts with years of experience, bringing trust and making it easy and convenient for people to access our solutions.
Our innovative ideas and credibility paved a path for us in the industry.

DA: How were you able to gather the manpower you need?
Bolu Omotayo: We do this by strategically partnering, recruiting and associating with world – class solution experts and people whose vision and goals align with ours.

DA: As we know that nothing good comes easy, what challenges do you have to deal with and how do you overcome them?
Bolu Omotayo: Trust/ credibility- People wanted to know if we were different, having dealt with a lot of people that couldn’t meet their needs, they were skeptical and we needed to prove we were trust worthy.

We solved this by clearly communicating our mission and vision. Also, when we started out, most of our customers came via referrals and this made the burden of trust a little lighter.

Accessing funds: When starting out, especially for small businesses, funding is always an issue, we solved this by working hard so our income can take care of our expenses. We also applied for several grants. We got a few.

Finding the right skill set to recruit/ partner with: we solved this by asking credible individuals to refer people they know can get the outlines job done.

DA: Could you please tell us a little about Tony Elumelu Foundation and the impact you felt from the foundation?
Bolu Omotayo: The foundation seeks to develop Africa’s economy by empowering entrepreneurs with the finance, knowledge and network required to make this happen.

In 2017, we got the $5,000 grant. With this fund, we were able to change our office space, employ more people, improve our website and ultimately, increase our revenue.
This was our first grant funding and it helped us double our output.

DA: What are your core values as a tech personality?
Bolu Omotayo: Excellence and Integrity delivered consistently

DA: Who is your mentor?
Bolu Omotayo: My pastor – Rev. Olusola Areogun

DA: What is your advice for youths who want to be like the CEO of Tab digitals?
Bolu Omotayo: Be purposeful, start early, start now!

DA: How can we reach you?
Bolu Omotayo: I’m available via Mail: bolu@tabdigitals.com

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Written by: Dilianne

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