Zazi Nicky Christopher is the definition of originality and entertainment; she is a graduate of Psychology and hails from Imo state.

 If you think the odds are currently against you, sit back and read this inspiring story of how she moved from the street to owning her own entertainment company and impacting the lives of young people across the country.

DA: What inspired Zazi Entertainment?

Zazi Nicky: I can remember vividly, in 2012, things were not going very well, and it landed me on the streets of Port Harcourt selling Fuman Juice, trying my possible best to make ends meet. One day, while hawking, I met a customer in the traffic and he gave me his card to meet him in his office, I did, and after an interview session, he employed me as his office assistant. I was overjoyed because this was a quantum leap in my life, I moved from the streets to become an office assistant in an oil company.

At this time, I was still in school and my salary was 18,000 Naira. It was not long before I began to notice strange behaviors from my boss, he wanted to sleep with me, I was appalled.  I got another job and faced the same issue. It was at this point I decided to take control of my life.

In 2015, I decided to start up something, I knew how to dance, do yoga, and I knew a few exercise patterns, so I decided to start training people. I had people come and register for 5,000 naira, and then I would train them. As time went by, it kept improving and bringing in revenue, so I decided to make Zazi Entertainment a full house entertainment where people can come and register as a brand under us and do what they knew how to do best.  

Currently Zazi Entertainment has fashion designers, graphic designers, stylist, interior Decorators, Event managers, Brand managers, etc.

DA: Looking at all the challenges you have faced, what was the major driving force that kept pushing you to achieve this?

Zazi Nicky: I went through hell, but it made me stronger. They are the reasons I am who I am today. I would say that the major driving force was the zeal to prove wrong those men who told me that I couldn’t make it without them, like they wanted to play God!

I grew up in a home where discipline was instilled in us by our mother, so sleeping with men to get ahead was never an option, I had already done some odd jobs like cleaning houses, hawking, being a sales girl, and I was not going to throw it all n the wind, so I kept striving hard to prove to them and to myself that I could achieve whatever I wanted through hard-work

DA: How were you able to raise the funds you needed?

Zazi Nicky: It was majorly through hard-work, coming up with great ideas and executing them.  I organized “Zazi all white party” and I was able to raise funds for the party, and I also realized some funds from it too. I can say that I am a product of God’s Favor, because I can vividly remember people I do not know coming out to support me.

I would organize an event and sell out my tickets, get sponsors and I would also go on air to advertise too, so I was not just sitting and looking for help, I went out and did the work. I believe that when you create momentum, things would align with time.

DA: How were you able to make your way in the entertainment industry?

Zazi Nicky: I usually tell my followers that it is good to be quality not quantity. There’s a difference between quality and quantity. I Zazi, I am quality. I chose quality because all my life I want to do all things and finish it well.

I made my way by being outstanding and unique. I achieved everything with hard-work and favor.  I do not quit in the face of challenges, that’s the unique thing about me.

DA: How can young entrepreneurs leverage partnership and relationship to climb higher in the entertainment industry?

Zazi Nicky: By being yourself. I really do not believe in choosing role models blindly. While choosing a role model, make sure it is someone that after death their legacy remains. Be yourself. Surround yourself with the right people, show that you are also the right person that they should associate with, and by forming a great alliance, you’ll find out that two would put ten thousand to flight.

DA: What’s the first step a skillful person should take?

Zazi Nicky: If you discover you have it in you, you need to undergo trainings to become a professional. You have to improve and see how others are doing it. You get certified. Through your learning process you can get connection, endorsement etc.

DA: What’s your advice to young entrepreneurs generally?

Zazi Nicky:  Keep your head up high. Believe in you. Trust in your God. Don’t lose hope. Do not compromise. Be a good listener.

DA: How can we reach you?

Zazi Nicky: On Instagram @Zazinicky

Written by: Anne dili

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    Well done dear. Your story is inspiring. Greater heights

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