Miss Clarke Catherine is a resilient model and a fashion designer with a great zeal for success.

At the age of 25, she was caught between two worlds as she had to make the decision to keep the baby that was nursing in her womb, an experience that will forever change the course of her life and introduce her to a new world in modeling.

DA: What inspired you to go into modeling?
Miss Catherine: As a little girl the fashion industry intrigued me. I loved everything about fashion and modeling. In fact kimora Lee Simons inspired me to go into modeling.

DA: What are your major achievements so far?
Miss Catherine: Personally I feel all my projects have been major achievements. My first major achievement was working with George Okoro at the early stage of my career. The second was being one of the faces of Kayge Cosmetic’ lipstick line.

DA: When you first decided to go into modeling, what were the steps you took?
Miss Catherine: Well I was introduced into modeling by the photographers Charles and Simi Vijay, huge steps in my career were taken by them. But I started by doing ‘free photo shoots’.

DA: What is the major challenge you faced so far?
Miss Catherine: Not being under an agency is a major challenge. I had to scavenge for jobs at the early stage.

DA: How did you overcome it?
Miss Catherine: Growth and consistency. Projects started coming in 2016 and it has been from one level to another and I am convinced that the future is bright.

DA: When you got pregnant, why did you decide to keep it?
Miss Catherine: I decided to keep the baby because I knew that would be my greatest accomplishment.

DA: What were your fears and how did you overcome it?
Miss Catherine: I was scared of being a single mother, but over time, I learnt to push through and overcome the huddle that came my way.

DA: How would you describe the modeling industry?
Miss Catherine: It’s like a pot of soup only the lucky few get to taste the bottom of the pot.

DA: Who is your mentor in the industry?
Miss Catherine: Kimora Lee Simons.

DA: Do you believe that modeling increases immorality?
Miss Catherine: I believe a person’s view on life generally cannot be influenced by public opinion.

DA: What is your advice to upcoming models?
Miss Catherine: Understand why you want to go into the industry, love what you do and see it as a passion not a job. That’s how you make it in any career.

DA: What agency do you work with?
Miss Catherine: presently, I’m not working under any agency.

DA: What is your philosophy on life?
Miss Catherine: A wise girl knows her limits; a smart girl knows that she has none.

DA: How can we reach you?
Miss Catherine: On Instagram: @iamtuffcandy

Written by: Anne dili

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