Aisha Umar is the CEO of Fulbekloset, she expresses her passion in a very unique way that is visible in every piece she creates.

DA: What inspired you to go into fashion?
Fulbekloset: Fashion has always been a house hold name in my family. I grew up in a fashion conscious household where fashion and makeup is an art.

DA: At what point in your life did you discover you had talent in fashion designing?
Fulbekloset: As a teenager I started attending fashion lessons which involved sewing and sketching and after a while I realized I was good at it and most importantly I loved doing it.

DA: How did you start?
Fulbekloset: I started sketching for my first portfolio and then I started doing personal shopping which opened me up to all kinds of designs and designers.

DA: What challenges did you face?
Ans: The designing came easy but the business aspect was very challenging.

DA: How did you overcome them?
Fulbekloset: To overcome my greatest challenge which was the lack of business knowledge, I did the Harvard Business Certificate Program.

DA: What is the first step you’ll advise someone going into fashion designing to take?
Fulbekloset: The most important thing before going into fashion is to have the passion for fashion before thinking about the money then every other thing falls in place.

DA: What is your greatest achievement so far?
Fulbekloset: Creating my own brand has been my greatest achievement so far.

DA: What has been your defense against criticism?
Fulbekloset: I take criticism positively. It helps me work harder and surpass my expectations.

DA: What are your core values?
Fulbekloset: Do what you love to do.

DA: Who are your mentors in life?
Fulbekloset: My family.

DA: How can we reach you?
Fulbekloset:, Instagram and Facebook @fulbekloset.

Written by: Anne dili

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