Mr. Matthew Eyito is an afro pop singer and songwriter. From very humble beginnings, and at a very young age, he set out to fulfill his dream of becoming one of Nigeria’s top musicians.

On his own he has achieved some level of competence, but with a wider horizon, beyond the sky is his limit.

DA: What inspired you to venture into music?
Mr. Matthew: The feeling of hearing instruments and great voices. Music makes me happy and I just get distracted with music all the time.

DA: At what age did you discover your talent?
Mr. Matthew: I discovered my talent at a very young age. I ministered at one childrens day celebration held at my church, and the pastor was amazed at my voice and he told my mum to allow me join the choir, but I was reluctant to do so because I had stage fright. I was only nine years old.

DA: When you discovered your talent what steps did you take?
Mr. Matthew: I started to listen to more of Michael Jacksons songs, West life, Usher, and a host of others. I always wanted to be like them so I started writing my own songs. I could remember forming a group of four boys while in primary Two, I’ll write songs from home and we rehearse together in a quiet place within the school compound during break time because I was a very shy boy. We had a rapper amongst us and it was so much fun for me.

After primary school we all split and till today I’ve not seen or heard from any of them. Throughout secondary school I just practiced singing at home and wrote songs but couldn’t join the choir because I couldn’t face the church to sing so nobody knew I could even sing except my family and neighbors.

My dad promised to take me to a recording studio once I’m done with my WAEC but we lost him before that time came. After a change of school for my O’level exams where I met new friends filled with rappers, it re-ignited my passion and I used to freestyle the choruses.

After secondary school I joined the choir of a church I was attending and after singing once at the first rehearsal, I was accepted with so much love and appreciation.

I don’t know how the stage fright part of me disappeared and I just saw that I was doing fine. I started representing my church choir as a solo vocalist both in and out of the church, at praise nights, concerts and weddings.

I’ve joined other choirs and bands/crews and its been great. I also tried auditions like project fame, gospel music Africa talent show though they didn’t work out fine.

I qualified to the finals at The Unknown Idol Search organized by Top Naija and some companies but couldn’t make it to the venue as the date was announced suddenly and I was in school writing exams.

DA: How do you work to improve yourself daily?
Mr. Matthew: I listen to a lot of great and diverse singers and I practice well to keep my voice active.

DA: How did you raise funds for your first single/album?
Mr. Matthew: My first single was a gospel song so I got help from my church pastors who assisted with the recording, I posted it on one or two sites but couldn’t do much because of the cost and I was preparing for my admission into the polytechnic.

DA: What steps would you advice a talented person venturing into the music industry to take?
Mr. Matthew: Pray to God for guidance, study the music industry well and how things are done so you don’t waste funds and do things wrongly, Never stop working on your style (voice, songwriting and personality) and stay humble.

DA: What challenges have you faced so far?
Mr. Matthew: Finance has been the major challenge and switching from gospel to secular has been a very hard decision.

DA: How did you overcome them?
Mr. Matthew: I’ve been able to define my kind of music and accept that good music is good music, weather its gospel or secular as long as it teaches good morals, love and inspires my fans, I’m good to go. For the money aspect, God has been in charge and I believe there are better days ahead.

DA: What is your advice to aspiring musicians?
Mr. Matthew: Just keep doing what you’re doing; never ever give up because you will surely get there as long as you don’t stop. Delay is not denial and as you hustle, please don’t forget to pray.

DA: How can we reach you?
Mr. Matthew: On Instagram @mattheweyito
Facebook page visit Matthew Eyito
WhatsApp: +2348140245684ρ

Written by: Anne dili

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