Mr. Ayomiku Samson is a Nigerian singer who started out at a very tender age. He is a fast rising artist in the music industry, he shares with us his experience so far.

DA: What inspired you to venture into music?
Ayomiku Samson: My love for music has been my inspiration. I grew up hearing the bands in church and this developed my interest for music.

DA: At what age did you discover your talent?
Ayomiku Samson: At age 12.

DA: When you discovered your talent what steps did you take?
Ayomiku Samson: I decided to move with people who were better than me, People who could put me through. Their every advice has helped and now I am better.

DA: How do you work to improve yourself daily?
Ayomiku Samson: It’s daily routine. I listen to a lot of instrumentals and beats and spend hours trying to master and broaden my horizon. Also I try playing some instruments as have discovered that every sound matters.


DA: How did you raise funds for your first single/album?
Ayomiku Samson: Actually it wasn’t easy at all. You know nobody wanted to support my dream so I used my monthly salary to record my first song. I stay in the barracks and was working for an officer. To God be the glory; It was the start of everything.

DA: As a musician, what are your core values?
Ayomiku Samson: hmm Values…Its respect because as we know respect is reciprocal. Also hard work. You know nothing comes easy so its one value I know is very important.

DA: What steps would you advice a talented person venturing into the music industry to take?
Ayomiku Samson: You have just got to have the belief that you can do it. Then you have to attach yourself to people who really fall into your line.

The industry is very competitive so a little bit of advice here and there wouldn’t be a bad option and most importantly be humble. Pride they say goes before a fall so humility is equally very important.

DA: What challenges have you faced so far?
Ayomiku Samson: The major challenge has been the publicity. You know trying to make myself relatively known. It’s a big industry so I can’t afford to beat a loner.

My trying to connect with the larger audience has been challenging but gradually I am getting there.

DA: How did you overcome them?
Ayomiku Samson: As earlier said, I’m still getting there. Big shout out to all the DJs who has helped. Its a gradual process yes very soon I’ll get to where I want, and i believe that slow and steady wins the race.

DA: What is your advice to aspiring musicians?
Ayomiku Samson: To you aspiring musicians,i want you to have the mindset to succeed. The beginning is always the hardest part but persistence is what you need and most importantly surround yourself with people who share your goals with you.

Hard work is also very important. To be a star you surely must be hardworking.

DA: How can we reach you?
Ayomiku Samson: my IG handle is @Hayyzee_official

Download his latest single HERE


Written by: Dilianne

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