Fulfillment comes when passion is mixed with love and creativity to proffer solutions to specific problems.

Mr. Charles is the CEO of charliel photography, a prestigious photography firm that he runs with his wife, Roli. He shares with us the power of humble beginnings.

DA: What inspired you to venture into photography?
Charliel Photography: Spiritual Insight, after attending Bible school (WOFBI-Word of faith Bible school).

DA: At what point did you discover your talent in photography.
Charliel Photography: I read geography in the university and during my studies, I take photographs during our field trips and it was quite interesting because all my colleagues will find interest in my own shoots, so I discovered I had a calling in it.

DA: How did you start?
Charliel Photography: I Started shooting after my bible school with a lot of internet studies.

DA: How did you get your first camera?
Charliel Photography: At first I was renting cameras for my shoot. I got more referrals due to the fact that my customers were very satisfied with my work; this enabled me to save up money to get my first Gear Nikon D300S.

DA: What challenges have you faced so far?
Charliel Photography: Administration, while I improved on my skills, I lacked in administration and it affected my finishing (delivery) at some point.

DA: How did you overcome them?
Charliel Photography: Experience they say is the best teacher, while I struggled to get out of the mess, God brought my partner who helped me restructure and improve on where I needed to pay attention to. Not forgetting that we needed a lot of upgrade in craft, services, administration, customer relations etc

DA: Who are your mentors in photography?
Charliel Photography: Yaya Mudi

DA: What is your greatest achievement so far?
Charliel Photography: Getting married to my better half Roli, she gave me insight into life and photography.

DA: What are the first five crucial steps to take for someone venturing into photography?
Charliel Photography: Acquire skills & master the craft both in photography and post photography, Build a portfolio, Advertisements & publicity, understand the business of photography, from finishing to Delivery.

DA: With low fund and no camera, how do I start?
Charliel Photography: Rent Gears to start, then save up.

DA: Do you organize trainings? If yes, in what states?
Charliel Photography: Yes, for now Abuja, Lagos and Delta state only.

DA: What is your best application for editing pictures so far?
Charliel Photography: Lightroom and Photoshop

DA: How can we reach you?
Charliel Photography: Mobile: +2348036819369
Instagram: @charliel_photography @rosebudnewborn&maternity_photo

Written by: Anne dili

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