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Many people dislike their current jobs and would do anything to quit, but their jobs gets the bills paid and keeps them afloat the poverty that tends to drag them into its misfortune.

Before you take the giant leap, here are some things you should do, or consider doing.

1. Stop thinking about what could go wrong

If you focus your attention on the negatives, you will inevitably attract them to your life, focus more on the positive side and think of all the great thing that await you as you take this giant step in your life.

2. Discover your passion

If you have not yet found something you are passionate about, this is an opportunity to look within; this would help you to determine the next direction you would go or the next step to take after quitting your job. If you don’t know quite yet what you’re obsessed about, just think of any activity you love or loved doing, then you can try it out, with time you’ll discover if you’re passionate about it.

3. Visualize what your future looks like

There is a great power in visualization, because, without seeing it with your mind’s eye, you would not be able to achieve it.

4. Find out what skills you need to acquire to become that person

When you know what you want to do next, it becomes easy to find out the skills you need to acquire, some you can acquire from your present job, others you have to learn. If it means paying for weekend classes now that you have a job, do it and you would get massive return on self investments.

5. Read books related to your passion

Reading books would propel you and set you on fire to achieve your vision. Like Warren Buffet said ‘The best investment a man can make is in his own self’. Read books related to your chosen field, and read consistently. Readers are truly Leaders.

6. Start living as though you no longer have a source of income

This would propel your creative mind and cause you to think outside the box.

7. Beware of opinions

Andrew Carnegie said ‘opinions are free, so beware of whose opinions you take’. Only talk to credible advisors, and not people that do not believe in you or have no idea what your life’s work is all about.

8. Take the bold step: Joyfully

Write down the date you intend to resign, if possible, type your letter beforehand, this would help you to avoid procrastination.

9. Leave a legacy behind

Now that you know you’ll soon be leaving, it is time to put in your best effort at work and aim to leave a great legacy behind. To achieve this maximally, you can check out Olakunle Soriyan’s ‘Top life Top work’ series. This is guaranteed to change your work life.

You can also read on Mr. Rere Obaisi who quit his banking job to pursue the dream of owning the biggest Renewable energy company in Africa.

I would also love to hear your opinion, kindly leave it in the comment section below.

Written by: Dilianne

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  • Prisca July 29, 2018, 5:47 pm Reply

    The thought of quitting your job could be exciting, especially when you feel you have this incredible idea. Truth be told you must brace up for shocks, it’s not an easy journey be prepared. Great one dilianne.

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