Miss Ruth Emmanuel is a seasoned musician, song writer and model.

She is very talented and skilled and just like Aldous Huxley says ‘After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”. She shares with us her journey so far and the challenges she has faced.

DA: What inspired you to go into music?

Rutex: I grew up loving music, it is a God given talent and when I discovered it, I kept working on myself and refining my talent

DA: When you decided to take it up as a career, what were the steps you took?

Rutex: I’ve been singing since I was a child. When I decided to go professional, I discussed it with my elder brother, he had a friend that was a rapper, he took me to the studio for the very first time. The first song I recorded was titled ‘boy’.

DA: What are the steps you take to improve yourself daily?

Rutex: My inspiration is God, but my mentor is Beyonce. I watch a lot of Beyonce and Rihanna’s videos. I am a very energetic performer on stage and I get my inspiration from Beyonce. So by watching the videos, I learn new things and I try to incorporate it into my music and videos.

DA: How were you able to raise funds for your first single?

Rutex: My elder brother gave me the funds I used for my first single, after which I went back to school and I had to raise money for my next single. I was able to achieve that by partaking in pageantry ‘Finest Girl Nigeria’ where I represented my state (Benue State). I was lucky to be among the six finalists. From the funds i raised, I went to Enugu state (Nani Boy Studio) to produce my next singles titled “kplenje” and “follow you go” produced by Dekumzy. I wanted the best and they were one of the top producers in Nigeria.

DA: What steps would you advise a talented person who wants to venture into music to take?

Rutex: Do your thing; always be active on social media, because that is where you can easily be scouted. I’m hoping to get signed under a record label soon and my advice is that you should not just sign up with just any record label; you need to be sure that they really want to promote you. There are some people that have money but do not understand the industry; you need to go for who is best for you.

DA: What major challenge have you faced so far?

Rutex: Funds. I know I am very talented and I am up to any task, the major challenge facing me now is funds, and I need the right record label to work with. On my own I can do just enough, but working with the right label would stretch me beyond my limits and open me up to opportunities I wouldn’t be able to locate on my own.

DA: How have you been able to overcome this challenge so far?

Rutex: Sincerely, it has not been easy. As an artist, I am supposed to focus on my songs and developing myself, I am building a brand for myself already, Rutex, the model artist. But outside music, I still have to work to enable me foot my bills and pay my studio fee. Combining both working a regular job and pursuing my music career is not easy.

DA: What is your advice to youths generally?

Rutex: Be prayerful, be hardworking, believe in yourself, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something, just keep pushing and you’ll get there, I’ll get there, we would all get there

DA: How can we reach you?

Rutex: You can reach me on my social media handles.

Facebook, instagram and twitter : @iamrutex

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Written by: Anne dili

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  • Ezekiel O June 21, 2018, 4:02 pm Reply

    Rutex is an extraordinary talent with the virtues of dedication, resilience and focus. Despite the challenges inherent in Nigeria’s Music Industry, she continues to fly the flag of success.

    I remain your no one fan.

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