While in school, she ventured out to pursue her passion for makeup as a makeup artist. She is also an expert in fixing nails, henna, gele artistry, and fashion designing.

Any woman can do just the above, but Seun, being a diamond lady also decided to open her own blog, organize training classes, started her brand- ‘Seun Edema brand’ and launched her fashion line- ‘Stitch’ which featured in the UI fashion week. She shows us clearly that women have within themselves the ink to fill up the pen with which their names would be written in Gold.

DA: What inspired you to be so creative?
Seun Edema: I really can’t say. Id say I was just born like this I guess

DA: How do you combine your business with school?
Seun Edema: School always comes first and business second. I reject certain jobs, if they’re going to clash with a test or something like that. Knowing that school is more important just makes it easy to manage my time well enough to accommodate business.

DA: Which of your skills is your greatest strength?
Seun Edema: I’m pretty good at all my skills. But I’d say doing nails. Because I do more of that compared to any of my other skills.

DA: How many hours do you work in a day?
Seun Edema: I have never really calculated that. It varies. Some days I do not work at all on other days I work all day. I work based on appointments so technically if I don’t have any appointments for the day I don’t work.

DA: What has been your greatest challenge so far?
Seun Edema: The instability of my school calendar due to strikes. It affects both business and studies because I can’t stay in school to work because most people have gone home, especially when the strike involves students being sent home and school is just getting unnecessarily prolonged. It can be really frustrating.

DA: How did you overcome it?
Seun Edema: Well I try to do the little work I can at home or wherever I’m staying for the strike period and read as much as I can as well until the strike is called off.

DA: What is the first step youll advice someone going into makeup artistry, henna and fashion designing to take?
Seun Edema: I’d say start small. Start with one thing and move gradually to the others. And don’t worry about buying everything you’d need all at once. Buy the basic things first and start working with those until you get the other things you need. You can also work under someone for a while to gather experience and possibly make a little cash until you find your feet.

DA: What has been your greatest achievement in makeup and fashion designing so far?
Seun Edema: I’d say winning the Junior Chamber International Most outstanding person in entrepreneurship award last year. It really covers everything for me.

DA: What is your advice to girls generally?
Seun Edema: Work towards financial independence. There’s nothing more fulfilling than that. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, even if it’s a corporate job you want to do, do it. Just be financially independent. And please and please put God first in everything you do.

DA: How can we reach you?
Seun Edema: You can add/message me on Facebook – Seun Edema
DM me on Instagram or Twitter @seun_edema on both platforms.

Written by: Anne dili

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