Great men are hard workers, and sir Vincy, through hard work has earned himself a seat at the table of the great gospel musicians.

Studying Geology never hindered him from exploring the length and breadth of his talent. He equally has a unique fashion sense. (Sometimes I personally wish he was my son)

DA: At what age did you discover your talent in music?
Sir Vincy: Well since I could consciously tell right from wrong I’ve always been able to sing, though I never took it seriously until a lady gave me a prophesy on how she sees me a great music star and told me to put passion to it, that was 7 years ago. So I could say that I discovered my music talent 7 years ago.

DA: When you finally decided to be a world class chorister, what steps did you take to improve yourself?
Sir Vincy: I started listening to songs from music legends (then on campus you will always see an earpiece locked in my ears), reading about music, joined an online community for music tutorials and other development, joined a choir, learnt to play the guitar. There’s a lot but this are the few most important ones.

DA: What do you do every day to work on your voice and stage presentation?
Sir Vincy: I basically listen to and score random songs on my playlist (you will always find me with an ear piece)

DA: How do you balance your spiritual life with other areas of your life?
Sir Vincy: Well I do not have to balance anything, I keep Jesus in the center, and every other thing revolves around Him. I won’t be found where He’s not and that’s a perfect balance.

DA: How do you handle pressure?
Sir Vincy: OK, well I smile through them, I see them as thresholds, overtime I discovered I even perform better under pressure.

DA: What is your personal core values and life philosophy?
Sir Vincy: My core values are: excellence, integrity and creativity. My life philosophy is that God created men gods so they too can create whatever they want to see on earth.

DA: Who are your mentors?
Sir Vincy: My mentors are: My biological Father (Mr Augustine Obasi), and my Spiritual Father (Pastor Peterock Sadiq).

DA: What are the top five books you’ve read so far?
Sir Vincy: My top 5 books will be 1. How to be led by the Holy Spirit by Kenneth Hagin
2. Leadership Gold by John C Maxwell
3. Spiritual authority by Watchman Nee
4. Can you stand to be blessed by T.D Jakes
5. Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

DA: What inspired you to be very creative in fashion?
Sir Vincy: My sense of style and my love for fashion

DA: What challenges have you faced as a music director?
Sir Vincy: A. Getting my choir to do the job just as it is in my head.
B. Staying up preparing for concerts, conference or church events
C. Putting into consideration the kind of audience we will be having and preparing a list of song that cuts across all category present
D. Having to deliver a song we just got today as soon as tomorrow

DA: How did you overcome them?
Sir Vincy: For A. I just match up everyone’s uniqueness until it creates the exact picture
B. I accept that I have to get it done however
C. I tend to keep record of songs that the audience loved and was very receptive to
D. Get the team together and play the song over and over from a loud speaker until it registers in their hearts. Generally music is my passion, but I handle these challenges best by the help of the Holy Spirit

DA: How can we reach you?
Sir Vincy: IG- vincyxtreme

Written by: Dilianne

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