Jennifer Christian is a fast-rising fashion brand pivoted by Miss Odijie Eferomo Jennifer, a strong and beautiful entrepreneur. She began exploring her talent at a very young age, and today her talent is making room for her.

DA: What inspired you to go into fashion?
Jennifer Christian: E! Channel (124 on DSTV); I would sit in front of the Television and just watch these beautiful women in amazing dresses, watch their fashion story too and I said to myself I want to make clothes like those for women, even better. That’s where my love for fashion started

DA: At what point in your life did you discover you had talent in sketching and fashion designing?
Jennifer Christian: I discovered at the age of 10. Not really with dresses though. Initially I was terrible at drawing, my elder brother was the artist in the family and he would always rub it in my face when I needed him to draw something for me for my school project or assignment. I got angry one day, took a pencil and I was like I’m gonna sketch something down; I don’t care how it comes out. When I was done I noticed that It was beautiful, so from then on I would draw anything I saw even cartoon characters, I then graduated to sketching dresses. Ive always been intrigued by a woman’s figure so I focused on that more over time

DA: How did you start?
Jennifer Christian: Once I discovered my sketches were good I just got a drawing book and pencil and I couldn’t stop.
DA: What challenges did you face?
Jennifer Christian: A lot actually. People always made comments like you’re playing around someone actually threw away my sketch pad (smiles) not gonna say who. Why draw something you cant make. Then I couldn’t get really good drawing materials to make my sketches more realistic and being a self taught illustrator wasn’t easy too.

DA: How did you overcome them?
Jennifer Christian: I cant count the times I kept my pad aside and vowed not to sketch anymore but I couldnt help it, I would see a dress or any picture at all and in my mind I would make a sketch or think about changes Ill make to it so I realized I wasnt doing it for anybody, it just made me happy even if I didn’t get any form of recognition for it

DA: What is the first step youll advice someone going into fashion to take?
Jennifer Christian: Believe in yourself. A lot of people will have negative things to say but the truth is nobody understands your vision like you do so stick to that.

DA: What is your greatest achievement so far?
Jennifer Christian: My greatest achievement would be getting recognized by one of the best designers in Nigeria Toju foyeh and working with Derin Fabikun for fablanebyderin who is also one of the best in the industry.

DA: Who is your fashion muse?
Jennifer Christian: Internationally; Blake lively and Beyonce. My Nigerian muse would be Ini dima okojie, Somkele idalama and Genevieve Nnaji.

DA: How can we reach you?
Jennifer Christian: Instagram-J3NNIE_
Facebook Odijie jen eferomo and

Written by: Anne dili

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