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DA: What is your fashion inspiration?
Mvslow: David Beckham

DA: W ho is your best designer for clothes, shoes and wristwatches?

Mvslow: Clothes- Cortis; Shoes- Christian Louboutin; Wristwatches; Breitling

DA: What is your best colour?
Mvslow: Black.

DA: Do you intend to open your own fashion line?
Mvslow: Not at all.

DA: What are the ‘must-have’ wardrobe collections for men?
Mvslow: Pairs of jeans, corporate shirts, a good leather belt, a pair of Chelsea boots and an Oxford Shoe, a good designer wristwatch.

DA: What dress would you prefer a woman wears?
Mvslow: A black gown and a pair of heels.

DA: If I’m to buy one fashion piece tomorrow, what would it be?
Mvslow: A black gown.

DA: What advice do you have to give men?
Mvslow: Dress good and be confident in yourself.

DA: Which of your friends do you admire their dress sense and feel challenged by it?
Mvslow: My good friend Godanswer. IG @iam_ansa_lee

DA: How can we reach you?
Mvslow: My DM’s are always open on the gram. IG @code_slow

Written by: Dilianne

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