Mr. Kenneth Ossai is a musician and producer. He recently released his single “A letter to my ex” an outstanding song that reflects pure talent and skill.

Having graduated from Ecotes University, Benin republic, and with the support of family and friends, he launched out into music and continues to refine his talent daily.

DA: What inspired you to venture into music?
Skhid: I was greatly inspired by my dad. He was a lead singer in a live band and i grew up watching him on stage. My immediate elder brother followed his footsteps and with time I realized that I had the passion and desire too, so I took it from being a family thing to my personal dream.

DA: At what age did you discover your talent?
Skhid: I had always been singing, but when I was eight years old, I realized people appreciated my talent and this propelled me to work on myself and improve my skills, because sometimes we have to believe in other peoples believe in us until we are able to believe in ourselves.

DA: When you discovered your talent what steps did you take?
Skhid: when I discovered my talent, I told my mum (may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace), and she supported me from the very beginning. The next step I took was that I applied to be an apprentice at hammatyme studios in surulere, Lagos. There I learnt music production from producer Jodie and sharpened my other skills.

DA: How do you work to improve yourself daily?
Skhid: I try as much as possible to produce beats, write lyrics (which I scrutinize over and over until I arrive at the absolute best), then finally I record songs frequently, because practice makes perfect.

DA: How did you raise funds for your first single/album?
Skhid: I raised majority of the funds I needed from my family members because they believed in me and were ever ready to support me. Also, I’m very versatile, I do backups, write my own songs and being a producer is an added advantage. So I am able to get a lot of work done, get rewarded from it and then put the money into my personal music career.

DA: What steps would you advice a talented person venturing into the music industry to take?
Skhid: Stay focused, be humble and passionate about what you do, keep believing in yourself and the industry. Never be negative, even when faced with challenges, always know that a positive mental attitude will take you farther than a negative one.

DA: What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
Skhid: one of the major challenges Ive faced is connecting with the right links for promo which is very crucial for an upcoming art, and there’s the financial aspect too, the main challenge of all because without finance, no one takes you serious. I was able to surmount these problems because in most cases my talent spoke well for me. I didn’t have to do much to convince people to believe in me because my sound is unique and appealing to the ear.

DA: Your advice to aspiring musicians?
Skhid: Never lose hope; everybody has their time, just keep putting in work.

DA: How can we reach you?
Skhid: You can reach me on IG @skhid_official and via my manager 08085295183

Written by: Anne dili

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