Mr. Paul is a 22 years old public/ motivational speaker whose core value is to speak relevance and values where they don’t exist.

He shares with us his journey into the motivational industry and encourages youths to dream big, because whatever their minds can conceive their hands can achieve.

DA: What inspired you to be a public/motivational speaker?

Mr. Paul: At a point in my life, I was living an ordinary life, I wasnt stretching for my greatness, then with time I discovered the treasure in earthen vessel that God has placed in me, and that was the gift of speaking, I began working to develop it and I knew God had my back according to Acts 18: 9-10.

DA: At what age did you discover your talent and what did you do to improve yourself?

Mr. Paul: I discovered my talent when I was 17 years old, it was still raw and undefined, I was very shy to face large crowds. So I focused on training and capacity building. I listened to frontiers in the speaking industry and with them I sharpened my skills.

DA: How did you know you were ready to launch out and what were the steps you took?

Mr. Paul: I knew I was ready to launch out when I realized that I needed not to be good to start but all I needed to do was to start and keep improving along the way. So far, I am the best version of myself, and tomorrow hold a better version! I took various steps which include; talking to people individually, speaking to my friends when they were going through challenges. I wrote down most of the things I wanted to say, so that my articles and content will get where my voice can’t get to.

DA: How do you get investors to buy into you?

Mr. Paul: This was a little bit difficult but when I started producing result, it was much easier. I would present them with my results and reasons why they should invest in me and why they might regret not investing by 5 years time, so this propelled them to my advantage.

DA: What are your daily rituals that always keep you ahead?

Mr. Paul: I remind myself of my vision and goals daily and keep telling myself that it can only get better! I frequently follow and listen to people that have been opportune to be ahead of me. I never forget my biblical back-up; it gives me all of the joy in this world to forge ahead.

DA: What is your advice to youths on pursuing their dreams and aspirations?

Mr. Paul: If you don’t have a dream, get one! If you’ve got one then chase it, simply put; you’ll get better while chasing your dream, if you don’t go after it, you’ll tell the story of another man’s success. Chase it till you get it!


Written by: Anne dili

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