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M. C. Bluetooth is one of Nigerians best comedians, making waves in the city of Abuja and beyond. He tells us about his humble beginnings, the power of collaboration and the importance of doing what you really love.

DA: What inspired you to venture into comedy?
M.C Bluetooth: Well comedy for me was not a profession to start with. It was more of recreation, Something I do because I like the positive energy that comes with seeing other people happy.
I started out first as a master of ceremony, anchoring events for free with standup comedy as an added advantage.

DA: When you decided to start, what steps did you take?
M.C Bluetooth: Starting out, the first thing I had to do was come up with a personality people will be attracted to. Then the style and method of delivery, I had to also come up with a performance name (first bro Deve) but later changed to MC Bluetooth up till date.

DA: How were you able to raise money for your first comedy show?
M.C Bluetooth: For my first show, it was collaboration between Bluetooth entertainment and the Catholic youth organization of Nigeria so majority of the funds where sourced from members of the church. Moving forward, the next event was solely financed by me and through the support of friends and well wishers. And for the future events, I am strongly considering cooperate sponsorship.

DA: What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced so far and how did you overcome it?
M.C Bluetooth: My greatest challenge has been support. Big brands most often relate with bigger brands. So I’m branding myself to meet up to the market expectation as support has been the biggest challenge so far. As regards branding, the platform under which I now work (Wazobia FM) has been really helpful.

So we are pushing and gaining grounds. Exposure has been another strategy to overcoming the challenge. Also associating myself with other brands in the industry has been an added advantage.

DA: What is your advice to upcoming comedians?
M.C Bluetooth: My advice to the upcoming and fast raising comedians are;
1. Stay true to your calling. Be certain it is something you want to do and give 101% to it. Go all in!
2. Passion first before money because passion is what would keep you against all odds. It is the sole factor to perseverance.
3. Know and try to understand the value of friends/friendships. Some will build you up while some will try to tear you down.
4. Run from negativity.
5. Place value on yourself.

DA: What qualities have you developed that you’ll attribute your success to?
M.C Bluetooth: Information is key, and one major quality I am working on is gaining more knowledge. This has been helpful as intelligence is a very much of an advantage in this line of work and business.

DA: How can we reach you?
M.C Bluetooth: I can be reached on every social media @McBluetoothccfr


Written by: Dilianne

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