Miss Prisca Omugbe is a business-startup consultant, artist and a blogger.

She founded Catheyo Initiative and uses it as a platform to reach out to people and inspire greatness. A glimpse into one of her posts enlightens us on stress management. I believe we all need this recipe.

DA: How do you manage stress?
Prisca: 1. I pray about it, asking God to help me. Recently, I came across Joyce Meyers “14 days of less stress” and it has been of a great help to me.
DA’s Take: Praying is always a great way to relief yourself of stress, because there are many things that are out of our control, so knowing that Someone up there is taking care of those issues for you is a great way to relief stress. I also recommend you get your copy of the ?book.

Prisca: 2. I draft out all that is on my mind, and decide to execute them based on heiracy of importance.
DA’s Take: This is a very important step. I do this every night in preparation for the next day, as more work come up during the day, i add them to the list in order of importance. Try doing this now, take a pen and a paper and write down your “to-do” list.

Prisca: 3. I take a break to do some things I really love doing and sincerely I feel better.
DA’s Take: All work and no play? Taking a time off rejuvenates your brain and reliefs stress(e.g taking a pause when writing a post to watch an episode of suits?) . Just make sure you keep to time, and get back to work immediately. Discipline is always key.

Prisca: 4. I share my feelings with a good friend of mine, and I get really great feedback.
DA’s Take: Never underestimate the power of good friendship. A handy tool to use when you feel stressed.

Prisca: 5. I always hold on to this quote I came across by Lou Holtz, it states “it’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it”
I learnt that, I was beginning to face the reality of life. Life is full of stress but it’s your approach to it that matters. You can allow it breaks you or make you.

Have you ever been crazily stressed out? You could share your views in the comment below.

You can contact prisca on Instagram: @prisci_catheyo

Written by: Anne dili

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