Ansa_lee as he is popularly known is not just a smart engineer, he also has answers to some amazing fashion questions.

DA: What is your fashion inspiration?
Answer_lee: Fashion, to me, is a way of expressing yourself, without having to speak.

DA: Who is your best designer for clothes, shoes and wristwatches?
Answer_lee: I can list only a few for now. Clothes: Yves Saint Laurent, Marc jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Yohji Yamamoto, Camila Alves, etc. shoes; River Island, adidas, Nike, louibiton, etc. wrist watches; Michael Kors, Patek Philippe, Schaffhausen, etc.

DA: What is your best color?
Answer_lee: White and black.

DA: Do you intend to open your own fashion line?
Answer_lee: Nah, not at all.

DA: What is the must-have wardrobe collection for men?
Answer_lee: Shoes, shoes, shoes.

DA: What dress would you prefer a woman wears?
Answer_lee: Sassy, slicky ass gown.

DA: If I’m to buy one fashion piece tomorrow, what should it be?
Answer_lee: A red slicky gown.

DA: Can you drop a little advice (generally) for men?
Answer_lee: Wear good shoes so when people look down on you, they end up admiring your shoes.

DA: Which of your friends do you admire their fashion sense and feel challenged by it?
Answer_lee: @timnobe and @code_slow.

DA: How can we reach you for more fashion inspiration?
Answer_lee: 08067283502.

Written by: Dilianne

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