We are constantly under it’s influence, we live under its force and are ruled by its dictates! It is responsible for what we are today and what shall become of us in the later days.

A principle all humans engage yet, with very little intent if at all. It’s the law of cause and effect. Its says that for every cause there is an effect, what we are today is a product of our actions and inactions.


The books are full of so many success stories, of men and women who have proven to be exceptional in all walks of life, from business tycoons and CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, media agencies, world leaders and so many from whom we draw inspiration!

However, their success is undeniably a product of consistent efforts towards purpose over time, the world belongs not just to those who dare to dream but those who are bold enough to stand for what they believe and pay the price for their vision. Did you know that twice every year Microsoft highest share holder Bill Gates takes a whole week away from people, out in the woods with no cell phone or gadgets just to think and strategize ? He calls this the “think week” inspiring isn’t it??


If we can find out what our models and references did to get to the revered places they now stand, we can do same and be sure to get the same results, this is the law of cause and effect.

What results do you desire, find out what it takes and do it! Yes just do it!! A thousand good intentions do not substitute a single action.

Every success story can be reproduced if the process is known and adhered to, what would you start doing differently to achieve the goals you’ve set?

What efforts would you put that would bring you closer to your desires, for every cause there is an effect. So do you have what it takes? Of course you do!

Written by: Anne dili

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