Are you feeling sad? Angry? Frustrated? Depressed? There is a solution – contribution.

Contribution is the one single determining factor that can lead to lasting happiness.

No one wants to come to the world and return without leaving an indelible mark on their generation, living like a fugitive in a land that was fought for us by our fathers, we do not want to make their sacrifices look cheap, we want to be the best version of ourselves as the envisioned us to be, long ago, before they even set their eyes on us.

We want to leave this world empty, not returning with any of our gifts or abilities, we want generations to come to know our names and thank us for the contribution we made. When you are feeling sad or in a negative state of mind, it is simply because you are thinking about yourself, you have lost the main focus and you have made it about you, again.

When you align your vision with what will improve the community and the nation at large, you’ll find out that your own fulfilment comes when you make others happy and contribute something to their lives.

Be a contributor, be the man or the woman that the next generation would be able to look up to and say: you made me proud!

Written by: Anne dili

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