Would you like to work less and achieve greater results? Would you like to invest less effort and multiply productivity? Well, who doesn’t. There is no hard and fast rule to this other than Leverage!!! In General terms leverage is a technique used to multiply gains and in some cases loses.

It’s the multiplied effect of many hands working to achieve a particular cause. Without the power of leverage, our results and attainments would be tied down only to the degree of our own efforts and expended energy.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world” this was the famous statement of world renown scientists Archimedes.

American industrialist Paul Getty also said “I would rather earn 1% off the efforts of a 100 people than 100% off my own efforts” this exactly is what leverage is all about.


There are so many areas that this could be engaged but let me walk you through a few.

EDUCATION: Rather than depend on ourselves for all the knowledge we need we can use the knowledge of others to get ahead. There is a world of difference between experience and expertise, learning everything on your own brings you prone to mistakes.

You have to learn from and by your experiences, but when you equally apply the knowledge of others, it gives you expertise. There’s an advice spoke once, too often which to never reinvent the wheel!

BUSINESS: this is also called financial leverage or GOOD DEBT, it’s the use of financial debt to build equity. For instance, you take a loan to start a business and you make just enough profit to pay the loans and keep back the excess. That’s an excellent use of leverage rather than using your own limited finance.

PEOPLE: the success of the world richest man Jeff Bezoz is the combined efforts of over 600,000 people. So many celebrated and recognized business men around the world owe their success stories to people.

    How To Use Leverage

Decide today to leverage people, financial, education and more to attain better results by finding out which area it would have the most impact and start with that, always remember that there is knowledge to gain to help you achieve that.

This is key to leading exceptional business success, successful business men know how to delegate responsibilities and available resources such that their individual efforts are employed where it matters most.

Written by: Anne dili

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