Dear woman, you are strong, you are powerful, you are brave, you are relentless and you are beautiful.

Your strength is not measured by the size of your muscles, but in the quality of your character.

The power you wield is not aimed at bringing other people down but invariably, lifting them up.

You are brave enough to fight any battle life presents you with.

You are relentless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire and gives your life a sense of meaning.

You can achieve your dreams and aspirations; you want to be a pilot? You want to be a doctor? You want to be something; I mean anything, go out there and become that which you desire to be.

Do not let your friends hinder you, do not let your family members talk you out of that dream, and most importantly, do not talk yourself out of it.

A woman nurtures, grows, multiplies and magnifies whatever she is fed with. Therefore; feed yourself with what is good, pure and true.

Perfection is a mirage; scrap it out of your dictionary. You are not perfect based on someone’s definition of perfection. No, your ‘perfect’ is the kind of ‘perfect’ that makes other ‘perfect’ seem ‘imperfect’.

Do not let anyone criticize you because of your looks; many people try to compare us to each other, but you are not me and I am not you, therefore; let the critics be critics. Never pay attention to anything that does not edify you, because if you listen long enough, you just might begin to believe it.

When you walk, walk like a queen; when you eat; eat like a queen; when you sit; sit like a queen; when you speak, speak like a queen; when you dress, dress like a queen. The world is your stage, your home is your throne and your golden heart is your crown.

You, my dear friend, are a Queen!

Written by: Anne dili

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