There is a revolution that is coming, and a wind of change that is blowing across territories; the people must be sensitized.

The world is shifting and trends are changing, the weak are being swallowed up, but the strong are standing firm. Wealth is being swallowed up by those standing tall while the poor are scavenging for bread.

The one with the knowledge of this shall rule in the times to come. Technology is a tool used by the strong to control the weak minded.

The rich uses it to multiply time, while the poor uses it to waste away time. What knowledge does a man have to possess to free him from the chains that are about to enclose him, manipulating him and taking away his sense of being?

Leaving him to run the rat race; as one who has no vision. He, who possesses this knowledge, takes upon himself the burden that comes with it, as well as the glory, thereby becoming a superman!

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Written by: Anne dili

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