Mr. Oghoghozino Otefia is the founder/ CEO Aggital Works,a world class digital company. He is highly result oriented and particular about creativity and project delivery.

With years of experience, he has worked and delivered projects for various businesses, organizations and individuals in Nigeria, Canada, Germany, India and the United Kingdom.

Oghoghos passion is to continuously extend the limit of creativity and innovation through providing creative digital solutions for individuals, start-ups and existing brands. Currently, he leads a team of young , dedicated and creative experts and also serve as the MD/CEO at Aggital Works; a digital agency in lagos, helping businesses fully grasp the fast developing digital age through creative innovations, intelligent design and project delivery.

The agency which is just one year, has imprinted its mark in the creative industry. Also, he is currently working on Aggital Academy; a learning management system to enhance and develop the skill and knowledge of people, businesses and organizations through very interactive eLearning courses which can be taken both online and offline.

He is a certified facilitator/ trainer and force to reckon with in the digital and creative industry

DA: What inspired you to start up your own digital company?

Mr. Zino: Well, I was called into this by God Himself as He made me understand there’s a need to creatively transform businesses, organizations, individuals, basically life in general and make all fit for the digital age, like we all know the digital age is fast approaching, and any business, organization or person who does not move with the trend will not thrive the digital age.

So I was inspired by this NEED which God called me to meet. It also forms part of my call in life.

DA: When you decided to startup, what were the steps you took?

Mr. Zino: I have been “cutting PPs” as a web developer before, I equally had a computer and a router, so first, I had to bring in a graphics designer, who started working with me in my house, then we moved to an office in Lekki where we operated like we own the office, but paid monthly to use the space.

After a while I decided to bring in more people, get our own office space, furnished the office with tables, chairs, then got computers, got another generator, and gradually moved to becoming what we are now.

DA: How much did you start up with and how were you able to raise funds?

Mr. Zino: I cannot give an exact figure but the running cost is well over 7 million naira within a year. About raising fund, I initially applied for CBN YEDP Loan, which I was supposed to get 7 million naira, but I eventually didn’t take the loan even after i have gone through the whole loan process and have been approved because God told me He never instructed me to take the loan, so basically its has been savings and God’s provision.

DA: How did you expand from being a web designer into a reputable company?

Mr. Zino: After working on so much web projects in the past and delivering global standards in every project I executed, I got so much referrals and my client base expanded, so when the call came to start the company, the transition was swift.

DA: How were you able to get the right team members to work with?

Mr. Zino: About this, i will say through the help of God, because while it was time to hire people, names came to mind, which means i already knew them, and that is a policy I implement; hiring friends who buys into your vision.

DA: What major mistakes are small digital companies making in this current age?

Mr. Zino: One major mistake small digital agencies make which i like to talk about is their inability to conduct a proper feasibility study as to understanding the market they are going into before launching out.

DA: What is your advice to young entrepreneurs?

Mr. Zino: My two-fold advice to young entrepreneurs is one; do not focus on Making Money for now, but Adding Value. Secondly, be diligent irrespective of whatever happens, and in no time you will see yourself growing faster than you imagine.


Written by: Anne dili

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