Anyone that knows Peace Koni Daniel would testify that she is not just a peaceful, wonderful, beautiful and hardworking woman.

She is also a virtuous and dedicated woman. She is a makeup artist and a fashion designer. She shares her journey through life with us.

DA: What is your philosophy of life/ how do you view life?
Peace: Life is not a competition. People have been in positions we would love to be and they have left, therefore, make sure u are happy, that’s what matter’s.

DA: What would you ascribe your success in life so far to?
Peace: Listening to motivational talks and Prayers.

DA: What is your secret antidote for remaining calm in the midst of troubled waters?
Peace: (smiled) It has been God honestly because I have really had my own share of life and I constantly remind myself that I didn’t come this far for no reason and knowing I have so many who look up to me, keeps me moving. FORGIVENESS is my greatest weapon I try to wave things and move on, that’s life I guess.

DA: What inspires you when you’re down?
Peace: Remembering the likes of Linda Ikeji, Wizkid and America actor Taraji P. Henson inspire me to do more.

DA: What are your daily rituals to constantly improve yourself?
Peace: Patience, persistent and continuous learning.

DA: What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced in life that built you into becoming a better person?
Peace: they are two : the first one was my English teacher in my secondary school (Mr Ejoga) he didn’t like me and one day, I misspelled a word wrongly and he told me ” you can never make it in life; it was a waste of time teaching you.” I cried so hard and I promised to prove him wrong. Secondly, I was in a relationship with someone (won’t mention his name) he was ashamed to introduce me as his girlfriend, and when he got a job, he made it clear I was not in his level so I swore to myself to work hard no matter what it takes.

DA: How did you rise above it?
Peace: Having God by my side, having family and positive friends around me have helped me rise above it.

DA: What relationship advice will you give to girls?
Peace: My advice will be, ladies should please study first because no guy would want to have anything to do with a lady who has nothing upstairs. No matter how much he loves you, no man would want to give his children a dull mother, take that from me. Lastly you have to put God in your relationship because he knows best.

DA: What personal business (talent/skill) are you involved in?
Peace: I’m a make-up artist, I’m really passionate about fashion and I plan on having a clothing line soon.

DA: What are the core values that built your character?
Peace: I’m disciplined, determined, industrious and to a large extend I’m reliable.

DA: How can we reach you?
Peace: Instagram handle: its_winsome.
Facebook: Daniel Peace.
Snapchat: koni1563

Written by: Anne dili

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