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Cat fish farming is a business that requires passion and a lasting drive to make one’s farm successful.

However, every business has it’s guidelines to success: focus spiced with devotion is a good way to start.

Cat fish has a unique taste and high nutritional value, cat fish delicacies have become popular in Nigerian homes, restaurants and hotels.
Below are 10 tips to start a cat fish business:

1. Knowledge
A popular saying goes thus, “Knowledge is power”.

Before setting up your cat fish farm you need to acquire certain knowledge on how the farm operates during thicks and thins without affecting one’s success.

2. Who are your Target Market?
You need to study your area and the people in it to draw a line of who your target market are and they are whom to market with.

Being a supplier to restaurants and hotels is a good option.

3. Select Specie of Cat fish
There are different specie of cat fish, before you can select the specie you want to breed, you need to consider what your target market needs.

Some species are freshwater cat fish and some salt water cat fish.

4. Start small
Do not just start big, start small in order to avoid great loss.

Starting small will help you learn from your mistake and a wrong way to learn from your mistake is to start high.

5. Get your Equipment
The kind of specie your decide to breed will determine the kind of equipment you need.

You can buy or rent facilities. Your pond could be on land, tanks or channels, the depth and size of your pond is important in raising juvenile cat fish.

6. Get Juvenile Breed
Starting with fingerlings isn’t advisable as a freshman in this business, Fingerlings are between 0-4weeks, Juvenile are between 4-8 weeks and they take 2-4months to be matured.

7. Gender Separation
While fish are being hatched in a healthy fish pond be conscious of it’s growth weekly, because the presence of female cat fish in the pond may cause the males to exhibit aggressive behaviors.

8. Medication
The pond must be treated to avoid spread of disease, a need for chemicals to adequately treat pond often arise. Cat fish has to follow a medication regulation for good health.

9. Adequate Feeding
Don’t cultivate the habit of just feeding them, feed them with a quality reach feed that will boost healthy growth, feed them more at the juvenile stage.

10. Document your business
Pen things down about your farm, success, reason for a failure, mistakes. Keep records of your farm strategy.

Cat fish business is a lucrative one and it requires a bit much in terms of money to set up in a large scale. Remember a key to success in business is to start small and learn.

Written by: Dilianne

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