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Mrs Amaka is the CEO of Alcone cuisine located in the proud city of Abuja, precisely Karu Town.

Below is a short interview session with this great Female CEO, enlightening us into more about the Origin of Alcone cuisines and the vision for the future.

DA: What inspired you to start up Aclone Cuisines?
Amaka: My passion for cooking and my desire to impact the society. I always knew that I would like to impact the society in a great way, and the best way to give is from what you have.

I loved cooking and I found a way to use that skill and talent to be of great influence to the society, that was how alcone cuisine was birthed.

DA: When you decided to start up, what steps did you take?
Amaka: When I decided to start up, I started by making dishes for my friends and family members.

I got a lot of compliments and this encouraged me to take it from personal to commercial.

DA: What major challenges did you face? And how did you overcome them?
Amaka: Growing businesses face the challenge of insufficient fund and inefficient resources (Man, Money and Materials).

I tried to overcome these my making do with what I had then, I knew I wanted to scale my business on a larger level, but I started very small, with the materials I had, the manpower I had and the little funds I had.

DA: How much did you start up with and how were you able to raise funds?
Amaka: I started small, but at a point in business, you have to expand.

For my business expansion, I raised about two million Naira, I had saved some money, and then I took loans from friends and family.

DA: How did you get your first customer?
Amaka: When I wanted to launch, I informed my friends, and word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools and where my eatery is located also attracted customers.

DA: What is your advice to youths generally?
Amaka: My advice to every youth out there is that you find your purpose through what you are passionate about and be ready and willing to pay the price to achieve that purpose.

Written by: Dilianne

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