Mr. Odunayo Omolayo is a male makeup artist and has proven that what a woman can do in the beauty industry a man can do much better.

DA: What inspired you to venture into makeup artistry?
Odunayo Omolayo: My inspiration comes from my love for making people beautiful. And my mom wanted to be a make-up artist but she wasn’t privileged.

Eventually I find myself doing it and It’s a gift from God cause I didn’t learn it. God blessed me with it. That’s Inspiration from God!

DA: When you decided to start what significant steps did you take?
Odunayo Omolayo: When I wanted to start, I actually told one of my sisters to get me make-up kits which she did. I knew Nothing about it but she was a makeup artist so i watched her teach cop members and I picked interest and decided to venture into it.

When she got me the kit I started practicing, going to people’s studio, calling people that are walking on the street all in the bid to grow and become better. There where days I messed up people’s brows. I was really trying to improve myself and it has paid me.

DA: How where you able to get your first make-up tools?
Odunayo Omolayo: I had to use my salary from training coppers on how to make hair at cds. I was working at that time so I told my sister to use my next month salary to buy me my first make-up kit.

DA: What do you do to increase your skills daily?
Odunayo Omolayo: Practice! I keep practising. I go online daily to see what my competitors are doing. I study the trends and meet up to the standards. I actually put myself on a challenge battle and I get better everyday. I dare new stuff.

DA: When was your turning point in your career?
Odunayo Omolayo: My turning point was when I got my first job on hush TV series. I got a contract with African Magic Hush TV series and the pay was huge.It was fun and I was so happy to see where my career had taken me to.

DA: What is your advertisement and publicity strategy?
Odunayo Omolayo: Social media mostly Instagram and one on one marketing.

DA: What is your advice to aspiring make up artist?
Odunayo Omolayo: Always go into a challenge battle with yourself. Try to be better daily. Never quit because someone or they said you can’t.

GOD first GOD 100%. Work smart alone side working hard too so your results can be encouraging. And never stop practicing. Unlearn to Relearn.

DA: You are a multi talented person, can you please tell us about your music career, (I have seen a couple of videos) and would love to know how you balance singing and make-up?
Odunayo Omolayo: It is God actually. God has deposited a lot of things into us and all we have to do is manifest them. The singing gift is my major. Make-up, gele, hair making, wig making, barbing are all minorities. Singing is actually my major.

I am a performing and recording artist and I do strictly GOSPEL. About balancing, both of them do not affect each other. I prioritize Singing and minor the others. Without me singing to God, my career can not be a success that’s my believe.

DA: What is your advice for young entrepreneurs?
Odunayo Omolayo: They should be ready for the unexpected. Things do not always go as planned, but keep to your dreams, your drive. Do not be distracted. Be focused, make sure your eyes are gazed upon the results of your handwork.

No low spirit. Rejection will come but always remember there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, and there’s always a promise land after every wilderness. Press on! Keep pressing on. Giving up makes you worse than an infidel.

DA: How can we reach you?
Odunayo Omolayo: Facebook; xtratouch makeovers
Instagram; xtratouchmakeovers
Personal IG; Odunmicheals
08130379404 08092029838

Written by: Anne dili

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