Mr. Victor Akalite is the CEO of Akalight Events, a prestigious event planning organization that he built from the scratch.

He is a living representation of hard work and hustle. He is equally an Event M. C, he bakes cakes and makes small chops for events, to mention but a few.

While in school, He pursued his career zealously and this gave him a seat at the table of greatness by the time he was done with school.

DA: What inspired you to start up Akalite Events?
Victor: The inspiration was born from the passion of giving people an exceptional event that they would still remember after the event is over. One major thing that inspired me was a discussion in church Be youthful and fruitful after which I decided to take a step.

DA: When you decided to start up, what were the steps you took?
Victor: The first step I took was to join the decorating team in church and then personal development began, because knowledge is key to succeed in any area in life.

DA: How much did you start up with and how were you able to raise funds?
Victor: I cant actually pin point what I started with, because I worked under some event planners and the little they pay me, I invest it in my own Event planning company.

DA: What were your publicity and expansion strategies?
Victor: The publicity main started from personal recommendations from people we worked for, also social media has been a great help

DA: How were you able to get team members and do you get money to pay them?
Victor: My team members, were mainly those him have the passion to learn, I pay them from the money i make from the events.

DA: What are the challenges you’ve faced so far and how were you able to overcome them?
Victor: The major challenge is the issue of trust. Most of our client might have one time or the other been disappointed by an event agency, but after we might have been able to convince them they discover we are actually reliable.

DA: What is your advice to entrepreneurs who want to start up their own Event planning companies?
Victor: To succeed in this business, you need commitment, endurance and patience. Never give up on your dreams.

DA: How can we reach you?
Victor: Head office: Mary Queen of Angels, hospital road, Akure.
Facebook: Akalite Victor
Instagram: Akalight Events
WhatsApp: 07031663654

Written by: Anne dili

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