Once he gets behind the lens, no matter what object is before him, it comes out magical!

Samuel Ogunlaja is the CEO of sammiephotomagic and iRetouch a company he started with his hard earned money, he is a good example of how hard work and talent can put gold in your pocket.

DA: What inspired you to venture into photography?
Sammie: Survival and Independence! I have a big dream and I couldn’t achieve it without a skill. I was pushing to go to the University and there was not one person I could ultimately depend on for my survival. My Parents were not so buoyant and I couldn’t put the blame on them or anybody (I figured that was the best mindset to have if I must really achieve). So I had to learn something that would in turn give me financial independence. Photography was the best at my disposal as I had always loved taking pictures.

DA: At what point did you discover your talent in photography?
Sammie: Well, It was at the point of practice. I had learnt the craft and I was hungry for more, so I practiced. I tried to replicate the works of many top professional photographers and I found that they were not so difficult to create. Just that they have some advantages in terms of access to sophisticated photography gears. I didn’t even see it as a talent until the point when I realized that “personal creativity” is the only thing that makes one’s work unique.

DA: How did you start?
Sammie: I started with apparently “Nothing” – someone else would say I started “small”. But trust me; what I had was too small to call it something, but yet so “Big”. And all I had was a tiny seed of knowledge sown by Mr. Adekola Agoro – CEO, Ukay Photoshop, my passion and my survival instinct. I had no equipment at all. Not even a camera phone.

DA: How did you get your first camera?
Sammie: I saved some money from the little jobs I did back then. My boss sometimes allowed me to use his camera to work when I have a job. But then the money was not enough to get the camera, so I had to borrow. My friend borrowed me her school fees with the bargain that I would pay back before the deadline. I had to take the risk.

DA: What challenges have you faced so far?
Sammie: Majorly, its the same challenges has every other upcoming photographer – Exorbitant cost of equipment.

DA: How did you overcome them?
Sammie: Creativity and Improvisations – DIY (Do-It-Yourself) materials has been my major strength. I had to create some stuffs myself instead of buying them. Sometimes I use mirror, papers, clothes and some other funny stuffs in place of lights and reflectors. And trust me; there is no big deal in some of the materials we buy. We just need to understand the principles behind the inventions and we can replicate them even better.

DA: Who are your mentors in photography?
Sammie: Mr. Adekola Agoro – CEO, Ukay Photoshop, Kelechi Amadi Obi and Clay Cook.

DA: What is your greatest achievement so far?
Sammie: I have been listed as one of the finest Image Specialist with a New York based Company – Selfmade (

DA: What are the first five crucial steps to take for someone venturing into photography?
Sammie: Invest in Learning (knowledge is most important)
– Practice again and again! Try all fields, you will find your strength and uniqueness
– Get out and meet people in the field (the right people of course)
– Be passionate and believe (first in God, then in yourself)
– Be patient

DA: Do you organize trainings? If yes, in what states.
Sammie: Trainings? Yes. But yet to be stable. We are hoping to structure things this year. But none the less, we can recommend the platforms for the interested candidates.

DA: How can we reach you?
Sammie: You can reach me on the perfect platforms
Instagram: @sammiephotomagic
Facebook: @sammiephotomagic
Phone contact: +2348138232689


Written by: Anne dili

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